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Being sentient/functional at an old age and the fear of death within the individual (EDITED). Previously "How old is too old really?".


This question has been in my thoughts for quite some time now. I always wondered, at which point in a human being's life does he or she realizes that it's time to leave this plane of existence?

Say for example you reach 60, you're seasoned alright. Throughout your life, you performed very poor physical maintenance, you've been out of shape since forever and as a result you now suffer all types of diseases and physical illnesses. You're at a point where life, to you, consists of waking up and getting taken care of like a infant on daily basis. You're under many different types of medications, you can't perform any simple physical activity like walking and most of your needs must be tended to by someone else. Then suddenly, your condition gets worse and surgery is needed, or specialized help is needed in order to keep you alive.

Aside from your loved ones wanting to keep you alive, Isn't it selfish to put other people in tight financial situations just so you can almost mirror the life of a vegetable?


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    Apr 28 2013: 4 a.m. Then they came for me, I hid in the toilet stall They broke down the toilet door It fell in on an innocent boy Ach the wooden door fell in on an innocent kid! I stood on the bowl & listened, I hid my shadow, they shackled the other and dragged him away in my place-How long can I get away with this? Pretty soon they'll discover I'm not there They'll come for me again, where can I hide my body? Am I myself or some one else or nobody at all? Then what's this heavy flesh this weak heart leaky kidney? Who's been doing time for 65 years in this corpse? Who else went into ecstasy besides me? Now it's all over soon, what good was all that come? Will it come true? Will it really come true?
    After Lalon, Allen Ginsburg, March 31, 1992
    • Apr 28 2013: Hey, I'm very happy that you can take your time and post a few lines from a document instead of expressing YOUR opinion. Good job.
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        Apr 28 2013: Believe me that's my opinion. It's just that someone said that succinctly 21 years ago. Cheers!!
        • Apr 28 2013: The last nine sentences of that text were questions. I'm not afraid to say that it sort of went over my head. Could you give a more concrete answer, and maybe an explanation to why you would make such a choice?

          Not sure what is supposed to come true, but all I'm getting is that your thoughts on this are that you wouldn't favor a life that's just a fragment of what you used to be and you would welcome death. If I'm wrong correct me. Thanks.
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        Apr 28 2013: It says "Being sentient at old age...." Isn't sentience the ability to feel, perceive, or be conscious, or to experience subjectivity?

        I am 51 years old. I won't say " I ache in the places where I used to play". No not yet. But one day I will. But I don't think I will be a fragment of what I used to be, ever. Health will go, surely as youth left me already. But I think till the last minute I shall be asking if I lived it to the best of my ability and if that life will come true.

        I think I am more than my body. I may ask my family not to drag my living corpse on just because technology can and my family can possibly afford. But to say that I shall welcome death will be a lie.

        Are you looking for a justification to die Jean?
        • Apr 28 2013: I said sentient, then I put the slash and wrote (functional at an old age). Isn't my grammar on point?

          There is no purpose to a man's life if he's not willing to die at any time, or put his life on the line for another living creature. Mankind' biggest fear is death, why you may ask? We fear the unknown, and death happens to be the last step in this plane of existence. It comes to those who fear it, and fear is the root of all evil. I plan on achieving great things in my life, whether I accomplish them or not, I know that I'm going to die someday. I'm conscious enough to realize that it's just the way things are and I have to die for sure, there is no escape. So why not remove the fear of death from my mind and replace it with something more productive that will benefit my well being while I'm alive?

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