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Being sentient/functional at an old age and the fear of death within the individual (EDITED). Previously "How old is too old really?".


This question has been in my thoughts for quite some time now. I always wondered, at which point in a human being's life does he or she realizes that it's time to leave this plane of existence?

Say for example you reach 60, you're seasoned alright. Throughout your life, you performed very poor physical maintenance, you've been out of shape since forever and as a result you now suffer all types of diseases and physical illnesses. You're at a point where life, to you, consists of waking up and getting taken care of like a infant on daily basis. You're under many different types of medications, you can't perform any simple physical activity like walking and most of your needs must be tended to by someone else. Then suddenly, your condition gets worse and surgery is needed, or specialized help is needed in order to keep you alive.

Aside from your loved ones wanting to keep you alive, Isn't it selfish to put other people in tight financial situations just so you can almost mirror the life of a vegetable?


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    Apr 27 2013: That is crazy talk. It violates the prime directive of life.
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      Apr 28 2013: For the record Pat, what is the prime directive of life?
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        Apr 28 2013: to survive
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          Apr 28 2013: Thanks. I forgot about the two instincts with which every human is born. . to suckle and self-preservation.
    • Apr 28 2013: How is this crazy talk? I gave a very specific scenario and asked for feedback. I understand your need to express an opinion, but if you're going to do so Pat, please say something more concrete.

      If you're a healthy human being who still functions well past 60, then go ahead and live on brother. No one is telling you to die. This topic is about the men and women who never took care of their bodies when they were young and as a result they contracted all sorts of illnesses and are prescribed tons of medication, need medical care constantly. This is about those with very restricted diets, those who can no longer walk on their own due to obesity and diabetes and other illnesses.
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        Apr 28 2013: Sanity = survival

        suicide (especially at the age of 60) = crazy
        • Apr 28 2013: This isn't about suicide. Suicide is for those who are lost and have no hope or no vision for life. This is about knowing when you're time is up in your own mind. It's not about killing yourself, it's about embracing death.

          I layed down a hypothetical scenario in the third paragraph. What would you do, is all I'm asking? This is merely a hypothetical debate, not to be taken seriously. I'm not imposing my ideas on you, I'm actually asking you to share a piece of your mind with me. If you don't want to do that then I understand. Death is a touchy subject and most people are afraid to die. You don't have to reply if you can't find an answer to my question, it's not a crime.
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        • Apr 28 2013: Don, somewhere down the line during our conversation I must have typed something the wrong way. This isn't about your actual life. This is all hypothetical. I appreciate the fact that you're willing to share such personal information about your life with me and the others, but that is honestly not what I'm aiming for.

          I'm only asking for different perspectives without having to impose our ideas on each other. I you feel like I'm imposing something on you, know that that's not my intention at all. In fact it's great that you're seasoned and replying to me because I get to learn more. You have spent more time on this earth than I did, so there are experiences that I haven't yet reached in my life. Age does not define intelligence just so you know, and I don't think I'm smarted than you. Making such a bold assumption would be stupid and closed minded because I don't know you. I"m only the question to get different views on life in general. I honestly do not want to hear anyone's life story, this is hypothetical.

          This a PURELY hypothetical topic about life, it's not about YOU specifically, rather your perspective as a human being. I don't want to hear Don Wesley, I want to hear the human being inside you. Don Wesley already has a life of his own, therefore this cannot apply to Don.

          This is purely abstract thinking.

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