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Can texting and text language be considered a new and global language for future communication?

McWhorter makes the case that text language is a new development in our linguistic knowledge, skills and understanding. Just as many languages were born from a shift in the usage and style of Latin, so too could be said of this new shift of English.

Can text be considered a growing language and should it be studied and utilized as a way of global communication as (if my knowledge is correct and feel free to disprove me) much of the language is internationally recoginzed? Where can we start classifying this as the birth of a new language?


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  • Apr 27 2013: Have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simplified_Spelling_Board#The_first_300_words
    This is a list of changes the Simplified Spelling board attempted to insert into the american spelling of english words in 1906.
    Many of the changes survived its eventual dissolution, which is why the US is lacking lots of U's in words, uses Z too much and can't spell potatoe correctly.
    Its is a short term accommodation to the current technology that will disappear when we all become directly connected to the internet through chip implantation

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