Yusuf Mallie

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Creating a Next Generation Plastic Hydrosaline Recycle Megawatt City. Using non biodegradables as its Core material

My Proposal is the effective use Non biodegradables. During my attempt to create a devices to increase water in the atmosphere. I have stumbled across the potential of create a new Seawater City. With Device's that will increase evaporation, through the process of continuous release of steam into the atmosphere, this will result in effective Rainfall in a desert. If we do this systematically and globally we will reduce Global warming by increasing atmospheric water content. With effective management we can stop Climate change by being Water Creationist and Conservationist. My proposal is my Seawater City filled with my recyclable innovation and invention, we can create water, create enough energy to support the city and export it to off the grid Communities. If we use creative Innovative material, like plastic and rubber as the core ingredient for the material, for the construction of these Cities. This will increases societies tendency to become active Recyclist.
This will increase Recycling as it will provide a profitable and efficient, alternative solution to the global crisis of waste and ocean pollution. Creating Plastic Hydrosaline Recycle Megawatt Cities dependent on recycling.
My innovations are structured around waste and recycling. Due to their longevity and durability. I intend creating high energy devices, water creating devices, energy creating housing material and so much more ......
PLEASE read my article to better understand my Proposal and Concept.
Using our creativity and Ingenuity coupled with technology to improve sustainability, collaborating with Nature. our future of sustainability is Possible

Closing Statement from Yusuf Mallie

I do thank you for Reading my Idea.
This is not a half concocted Idea but an Idea I have tried to bring to fruition for almost 18 years now.
This City's Designed, using my Innovation and Invention.
My Idea's I would love to Create.
I would love to Try and bring each Innovation and invention to Reality.
But when I went to my Government for assistance to create Individual Inventions 1995 -2009, they told me, that My idea's are too Futuristic. That 'South Africa's a Coal Consuming Country. This type of Technology is too Far fetch and we Don't need it'.
I was despondent, But now I feel the Future has finally caught up with my idea's.
My Idea's and vision to make People independent and self sufficient
Create a change of Global prosperity benefiting Humanity

'I know I am a Dreamer but I am not the Only One' ~'Paul Mccartney the Beatles'~

This City is designed around my Innovation and Inventions.
They are my dream, to use Nature as our Blueprint to sustainability

'Poverty is the Parent to Revolution and Crime' ~Aristotle~

My Love for humanity is the fuel for my invention
My passion is to cure famine, drought and water scarcity
My ambition is to see unity with abundance of intellectual growth through prosperity and fair trade
We are in the future, living the future of our dreams.

Our visions & dreams is the Premonition of our Future ~Yusuf Mallie~

So did we accomplish it or was it just a fantastical dream
My Dreams are only ideas, without roots.
My Roots is my Inventions, that is the schematic that creates my City
It is not a fantasy, with funding, each invention can be created with less technicality and more creative ingenuity.
I feel blessed having the Opportunity to host my Idea on TED
May my Idea inspire Future creative open minded thinkers, philosophical practicalist and like minded Scientist.
Accomplishing my city and my dream, to make Mankind truly ready for Space exploration thru unity
Peace and Blessing