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What came first the hen or the egg ?

This is a very old trick question which has numerous ways of anwering. What came first, the hen or egg?. Let us debate on this.


Closing Statement from Vajresh Balaji

We have debated on the question " Which came first - The Hen or the Egg ?" There were points referring to DNA Mutations, Evolution like Humans and apes and many more. We came to a conclusion and also a video was referenced here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a8pI65emDE And the answer is Hen ! But where exactly did that hen come from ? The question remains....

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    Apr 26 2013: The specific chicken came from an egg laid by its mother.

    To consider this from a different evolutionary perspective you also need to define egg in this case. A human egg is different to a chicken egg.

    You also need to define what you consider a hen or chicken.

    Go back far enough I guess and sexual reproduction developed over time. At some point you would have something you would call an egg involved. At some point further back you would have something clearly not an egg (depending on your definition) and a grey transition area in the middle.

    You also have the evolution of chickens. Go back far enough and the ancestors of current chicken species could not reproduce with current chickens, they probably laid eggs. An egg laying chicken did not suddenly appear by magic.
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      Apr 26 2013: The hen and chicken considered here is the "hen" and "chicken" that we see now. The egg is considered to be a "chicken" egg. If you say that a specific chicken came from an egg laid by its other. Where did the mother come from - an egg laid by its mother, where did she come from and so on ?
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        Apr 26 2013: If you understand evolution it is pretty straight forward.

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