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Do your feelings matter?

If we know 1+1=2....and you feel like it equals 3....should we teach children based on your view of the equation or the factual data?

If you think something...does that make it appropriate for everyone?

What if you are wrong?

Do you question your beliefs....or do they serve as inert values?

We absorb data from various sources. We will call that data, in this context, raw data. The raw data has no meaning before translation.

Once we receive data it is processed through filters in our brain. Those filters apply the logic we intend to use.

(DATA SET) ---------- > {FILTER(DATA SET)} -Conclusion-

We have two types of filters.


Our impulse filters have much to do with non-cognitive functioning. (REASON) or cognitive functioning is defined by existing filters.

Let's say your racist.

(DATA SET) --------- >(RACIST FILTER) ----------> (CONCLUSION)

Notice that this (RACIST FILTER) is vague. The actual filter network would be comprised of many different filters working together. I am just calling it the (RACIST FILTER) for now to save time.

The problem with this sort of emotional filter is it bases all reason on subjective data or subjective filters. These aren't filters created by facts or research. They are fabricated direct programming or false information. False information can construct filters that manipulate "raw data" and change it into "subjective data". Subjective data isn't always bad. However, if your view on something impacts another person's life....or another person's daily functions you may want to ensure it's accurate.

Do your emotions matter? Are they based on facts or programmed filters that need to be audited?


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    Apr 27 2013: feelings matter greatly. feeling contain experiances that logic cannot give. it takes the experiance as a whole and allows you to share with the people around you. it brings life to information. it motivates us to act. its our characters song. its letting the good in us out. life sucks without feelings. and yes it does depend on what we feel. but neg or pos it needs to be shared in a loving way. for instance when you look at a sunset or look back in your memory at times that you felt alive. your heart has a wisdom that your mind cant match. your heart buts your mind to use. gives it purpose and makes us usable. thats my opinion anyway. feeling matter. and if you feel your feelings are corrupted go spend some time in nature. that will clear things up.
    • Apr 27 2013: Feelings don't contain experiences. Memories contain experiences that perpetuate feelings. Good post though. How would you know that life sucks without feelings? Have you ever experienced a life without feelings?
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        Apr 27 2013: I've been in a lot of situations were ive chosen to numb myself then face pain or sadness in my life and it makes it difficult to connect and share joys and memories with people.talking from your heart instead of your mind.

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