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Why do people just believe everything the meat and dairy industries tell them, why are people sheeple, and refuse to learn the truth?

Why do people refuse to look into their food choices, refuse to consider animal rights and refuse to accept information that can cure illness such as diabetes and oesteoporosis and cancer ? Do people care about future generations that will have no water if factory farming and dairy continue?

Topics: veganism

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    May 1 2013: Yous alimentary canal might be 12 times your body length but mine is only four times my body length because I'm Human. Please check your data. Unless you refer to snout to vent length then I'm about 9 times. I thought most herbivore digestive tracts were characterised by either large appendices/caecum or fermenting stomachs both of which we lack. We also lack the gut flora that produces vitamin B12 so we have to get it from some other animal.
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      May 1 2013: B12 comes from the soil , the only reason some meat eaters get it is because the cows are caked in mud and faeces which due to the frequency and intense killing rate , it can't be helped but get into the meat along with ecoli and other nasties. B12 does NOT made by animals , it is made in the soil- Not all herbivores have fermenting stomachs , and ours is pouch shaped and has the correct gut flora to perfectly digest plant matter. You would do well to go back and to do your homework on this - I can't reference at this stage as I am at work- short of time . There are many scholarly articles that confirm my facts/ statements. Then there is all the other things such as jaws and teeth, claws, vitamin C production, tails, saliva which I have quoted in other comments here. HUMANS ARE HERBIVORES - Thanks for you response though.

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