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Why do people just believe everything the meat and dairy industries tell them, why are people sheeple, and refuse to learn the truth?

Why do people refuse to look into their food choices, refuse to consider animal rights and refuse to accept information that can cure illness such as diabetes and oesteoporosis and cancer ? Do people care about future generations that will have no water if factory farming and dairy continue?

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  • Apr 27 2013: Because it is easy and the path of least resistance.

    You generalize and make assumptions with your first series of questions. Do you have data you can provide to substantiate your claims? Who decides how much a person needs to look into food choices? Food has been scarce in many places in the past, and still is scarce in some places. So for some the choice is do I eat what I have available and live or choose not to eat it and die. Not much of a choice.

    The most basic instinct, given a food choice, is to eat what you like. You have to receive some training or knowledge to know the relative difference between choices. Otherwise, you have to choose who to believe relative to taking advice about the best choices, but that involves either work or risk. The path of least resistance if to eat what you like and believe the people telling you it is the right choice.

    Man is a carnivore by nature. You have to learn to be something else. Does a decision to eat meat mean you refuse to consider animal rights? No. It just means you have decided to east some animals to survive. (As a side note, some of them will also eat us).

    Do people that make poor food choices refuse to accept information about the benefits of certain types of diets? No. Some are unaware of the information, some do not care about the information, some do not possess the self-discipline to change their eating habits.

    Do people care about the food issues of future generations? I think the answer is not much relative to thier own survival, but given two equal choices, one being bad for the future and one being good, most would pick the good choice.

    Here is one you didn't ask. Are people skeptic about information passed along as unsubstantiated truth by special interest groups, politicians, and extremists? Yes.

    If you want to sway public opinion, provide some facts and offer feasible alternatives for folks to consider. Make a case for your position and perhaps you will gain adherence.
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      Apr 29 2013: It is a fact most people in developed countries eat meat , and to a lesser extent third world countries eat meat, as they are becoming more affluent and meat is produced in larger quantities. As for who decides how much a person needs to look into their food choices it is that person alone and it is the parents who teach their children what to eat. And as for food scarcity- that is what I am on about, if the world went vegan, then there would be more than enough food to feed the world several times over, transport is possible to remote regions , and it is time we as citizens of the earth looked after each other.Yes it is a basic instinct to eat what you like, but also it is a basic instinct to love and care for animals as a child, it is a learned behavior to be cruel and disconnected to eat meat.Correct, people do receive training and knowledge to eat meat, that doesn't make it right. Man is not a carnivore by nature- It is NOT natural for humans to eat meat! What does natural mean ? When did you last enjoy the warm , tasty contents of a freshly slaughtered sheep ripped apart with your bare teeth?We don't eat any natural meat products .We cook them, spice them, put the on bread and in pies.Neither is there anything natural about drugs injected into animals to make them grow larger(and )produce eggs and milk more often. In any case , a new anthropologist generation found our hominid ancestors to be originally vegetarian. Carnivores have sharp pointed front teeth and no flat back grinding teeth, herbivores have no sharp pointed front teeth and have flat back grinding teeth. A carnivores intestinal tract is only three times its body length to allow decaying flesh to pass quickly, a herbivores' and our intestinal tracts are up to 12 times body length to allow vegetable nutrient absorption. There are other physiological differences between carnivores and herbivores where ; we are copies of the latter:
      • Apr 29 2013: Omnivore...right you are.
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          Apr 30 2013: By omnivore you mean raccoons and crows ... Not humans - glad to see you got the gist of it ; )
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      Apr 29 2013: Carnivores- make own vitamin c , perspire via tongue, born with teeth, move jaws vertically, rip and swallow food,suffer atherosclerosis , have dense tooth bone to crush bones of prey.

      Herbivore- Vitamin C from fruit and veges , perspire via skin, born without teeth, jaws have grinding motion, chew food, spared atherosclerosis, have many times less dense tooth bone . are spared Alzheimer if vegan (belongs to meat eaters).
      The animals with which we are most likely aligned with are chimpanzees , whose diet is 95% meat free ; and gorillas and orangutans who are vegetarians. The 5% is commonly insects coincidentally eaten on plants and termites. " Refs : Thought Leader . com .za /burning paper /2009/10/12/the-evil-of -meat.
      Fox- deep vegetarianism page 25
      vegan voice June - aug 2003 page 41 .
      'but you kill ants" - John Waddel
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      Apr 29 2013: We do not need to eat meat to survive ! If you eat a calorie sufficient diet , meaning fruit and veges - healthy foods- you will get enough protein- the protein story is propaganda from the meat and dairy industry to scare you into eating their product- there a billions of people who do not eat meat- and are healthy. You are not giving animals the right to live if you choose to eat them! You may choose what to eat , not who to eat! Of course some animals would eat us _ that is because they are the TRUE carnivores - not Us . yes people are labile about their food choices, some care and some don't - that's why vegans wish to educate and show people that the meat industry isn't necessary and it is cruel. I want people to look into their food choices for themselves , I wish to create the spark for them to be curious , after all they will choose their diet from their own research, would be more resistant to take the info from either a meat eater or a vegan in case the info is biased. Thanks for your articulate response :D

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