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Why do people just believe everything the meat and dairy industries tell them, why are people sheeple, and refuse to learn the truth?

Why do people refuse to look into their food choices, refuse to consider animal rights and refuse to accept information that can cure illness such as diabetes and oesteoporosis and cancer ? Do people care about future generations that will have no water if factory farming and dairy continue?

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    Apr 26 2013: While humans have a moral responsibility to treat animals in a humane fashion, animals do not intrinsically have rights.
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      Apr 26 2013: There is no such thing as humane factory farming or killing animals for meat humanely- the animals live a miserable short existance , then are slaughtered in often very voilent and clumsy ways. Animals should have rights , just because they can't speak our language , and we are dominant over them, does not make it right for us to be cruel.Animals should have rights ! Animals are sentient beings, they feel pain, joy, love , despair just the same as humans, one day we will look back and feel bad about the holocaust we have caused the animals . Lets hope in the future we wake up , and learn to live in a cruelty free world , untill the animal holocausts ends, I fear we will not advance as a human race, may be even perish as a result, factory farming is not sustainable and is killing our planet, all because animals are seen as produce and do not have rights- Thanks for your response though
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        Apr 27 2013: I'd hate to be a pain. but there is a handful a farmers that try their very best to be as accomodating to their cattle/ livestock.
        i personally grew up on a dairy farm where we did everything from open pasture grazing, cleaned their beds everyday and sanitized every second weekend, their beds were waterbeds (very comfy heavy rubber waterbeds), we had a machined that pushed there excrement down through there slats keeping there hooves and udders cleaner and less disease and so on, trimmed there hooves every 4 months (foot care), had rotating brushes installed so they could scratch there backs, mixed a variety of feed including all the nutrients they could ever need and more, we trimmed there tails because sometimes they get too long and drag in the dirt and hold germs, knowledgeable farmers with great health breeding and care systems.

        There is SO much we did every day in and out to try too make the cows happy and healthy and discussions never stopped for improvements and the only time we would eat their meat is once they have died of natural causes or were in too much pain too continue (quick death with pin into head) extended calf care socialization and efficiency were used theres so much too say we had respect for our animals

        I guess what i am getting at is that there are many many things wrong with the industry but if you meet a farmer don't immediately judge him as ignorant and rude until you had a conversation with the man/woman. usually the smaller farms that sell locally or even to bigger companies have respect for there animals or else why would they be in the business of raising them?

        not by choice i am telling you. long hours and hard work paying taxes both ways surviving on government subsidies for little to no praise even being hated by some is a hard job.

        i do agree with you on the factory farms which is what you were probably getting at.
        they are a disgrace and they are very unsettling and discouraging.

        quality over quantity:)
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          Apr 27 2013: Wow thanks for the informative comment! Very good to learn something new - and yes I was referring to intensive factory farming. Sounds like you had a great childhood and took great care of your cows. Yes I was referring to intense factory farming - they shouldn't use the word "farming as it's not" . I am still of the opinion that cows milk is meant for calves only- as humans are not calves... then theres all the research that shows milk is full of hormones and antibiotics , is harmful to the human body etc - I loved the fact that you had rotating brushes for their backs:D
    • Apr 26 2013: Lawren, all living creatures in existence on this planet have rights, the right to live and be free just like us. Any other view on the subject is a really closed minded view. DO you seriously believe that animals are just animals, here for our amusement and needs?
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        Apr 27 2013: How do we make the lions understand the caribou's right to life? How can the shark be made to understand the tuna's right to life? My point is that animals cannot be made to understand or respect the concept of rights.

        Only humans understand the concept of rights, so only humans have them. We can (and should) choose to treat animals with respect and kindness, but that's humans making a conscious decision to do so, not because animals have rights.
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        Apr 27 2013: 1. Human anatomy is designed to eat fruit , veg - be a herbivore- not a carnivore so you cant compare us to true carnivores... true carnivores eat other animals and i am not desputing that , just that humans are herbivores, NOT omnivores or carnivores.
        2.Animals weren't put on this earth to be enslaved , tortured and eaten by us- they should not be treated as a commodity.
        3. Just because animals cant defend themselves , doesnt give us the right to be cruel to them, I am not saying give them working rights or human rights , obviously they have the right to share this planet with us - the right to live a fair , full cruelity free life... Thanks for you input though

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