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Governments have a Department of War Prevention.

Threats of War, making Wars upon foreign nation's shores, non-stop Wars begun with lies, have become the way Governments today negotiate with one another. We citizens of all our nations need put a stop to such garbage. We need to do it right NOW. Am I right?


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    May 1 2013: Step one : The UN. The UN needs to be made into a powerful organization, the member nations should be taxed of technology and this technology used to establish a UN satalite system to watch the world for information without reliance on member nations, it should include search rescue and law enforcement rights such as held by the us coast guard on the entire world oceans and in cislunar space,
    Also they need to control a space based and land based anti missile systems.
    An international force of UN peace keepers, that is military riot police, needs to be created and maintained as a standing force not reliant on the militaries of member nations.
    The UN needs to recognize and establish "Free cities" that is Cities that are UN sovigern territorries so that the (I hope) growing number of people who see them selves as Global citizens have a place to go.

    In a book I have which was printed in the tiny window for time after WWI and before the failure of the Leage of nations, the cause of war is identified as the lawlessness an Anarchy that exists between nations. There needs to be an internationall body with international law and one law needs to be It is a Criminal act to invade or aid in the overthrow by force another nation.
    • May 1 2013: Russell, thank you.
      You are right.
      And believe it or not,
      All you have described is today
      in place, and working.

      But, we don't seem to be making progress.

      Why is that?

      Does anyone out there know, why Our Government
      in 2013 continues to make War?
      This is the 21st Century.
      We can Instantly communicate without Babel.

      Why do our elected Leaders Maim and Kill other Human Beings?
      By god we want answers. Not Bull. Not Excuses.
      And we want this behavior to cease. Right NOW !!!

      If you folks disagree. Tell me.
      Tell me that Killing innocent Humans is the only answer.

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