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Governments have a Department of War Prevention.

Threats of War, making Wars upon foreign nation's shores, non-stop Wars begun with lies, have become the way Governments today negotiate with one another. We citizens of all our nations need put a stop to such garbage. We need to do it right NOW. Am I right?


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    May 1 2013: Frank, our governments have thousands of diplomats, consulates, embassies. All these people try to prevent wars.
    • May 1 2013: greg, thank you.
      You think more highly of the State Dept than I.

      I has been proven to all of us that our Embassies are nests of Spies.
      The CIA have their homes there. They run Spies. Lots of Spies.

      That CIA agent the State Dept ransomed from Pakistani widows,
      was sent home to Colorado. He was arrested soon after. Seems
      he was in a knife fight. He had the knife. He was drunk in a bar.
      Look it up...

      Like the Missionaries always said; Don't judge our religion by
      the people in it.

      greg, I want to trust Obama and the 5 or 6 other presidents that
      took us down this road. I just cannot do so. They are the bad guys.
      I won't be here for the change. But change is coming.

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