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Governments have a Department of War Prevention.

Threats of War, making Wars upon foreign nation's shores, non-stop Wars begun with lies, have become the way Governments today negotiate with one another. We citizens of all our nations need put a stop to such garbage. We need to do it right NOW. Am I right?


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    Apr 26 2013: Wouldn't this be a logical part of every country's Department of State? In fact, it seems there is section of the U. S. Department of State which has a very similarly articulated mission.
    • Apr 26 2013: Fritzie, I wonder why?
      If the behavior is wrong.
      Then the articulated mission needs to be replaced.
      Logic is not always right.
      Wishing it were doesn't change things.
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        Apr 27 2013: "Logic is not always right".-- Say what? If being right means falsifying logic then I don't want to be right.
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          Apr 27 2013: Tru dat
        • Apr 27 2013: ed and pat, really now, you guys need to research logic.
          You will find as I did, logic is not always something to depend upon. I was fascinated to find this was true.

          Einstein's theory changed some belief systems.
          And I use relativity every day now, it works.
          It is proven.

          Too bad the reality of non-stop Wars that Kill and Main
          cannot be stopped by logic. If they could, they would.

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