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Governments have a Department of War Prevention.

Threats of War, making Wars upon foreign nation's shores, non-stop Wars begun with lies, have become the way Governments today negotiate with one another. We citizens of all our nations need put a stop to such garbage. We need to do it right NOW. Am I right?

  • Apr 26 2013: Isn't that the job of our elected representatives? No, it's also our job as citizens of countries. Hold their feet to the fire - expect them to do the right thing. Okay no body thinks - If we can't do better, it won't get better.
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      Apr 26 2013: Well said,

      I'd like to add that media should be as honest as possible. They should expose corrupt politicians/corporations etc. who benefit most from wars and instability in certain regions.
      • Apr 26 2013: Kareem, Thank you, and I agree.

        The media at one time exposed corruption.
        We haven't seen much of that lately.
        Nixon was a prize example and caused us all
        to view politics with a jaundiced eye.

        The Politicians (like the mafia) took everything underground.
        The spoils could then be raised, and were, into the $Billions.
        Politicians today (from many countries) are stealing Billions of our FED printed $100 dollar bills (that's Trillions of Dollars).
        Pallets of them. I chased the story on the internet, and
        believe it to be true.

        The media had little to say.
        No expose'.
        We seem to live on a diet of White House hand-outs.

        Media depends on advertising dollars from 2 sources,
        Republicans and Democrats. Politicians are controlled
        by their party leaders. Party leaders spend lots of money
        to advertise, from election day to election day.

        The alternative is a lonely soap-box in the park,.
        or an unheard cry in the night. Neither get votes.
    • Apr 26 2013: george, You are right as rain.
      But.... That awful word But...

      A relatively small amount of nations are making War all the time.
      The USofA is leading the pact, and running roughshod over other nations, killing and maiming the people inside their borders.

      We citizens elect, re-elect, elect again and again to the tune of the media. But... (there I go again)... Nothing changes.

      We voters get lied to. We want to be a part of out Government,
      But... Our Government is made of the ones we have elected,
      aka: The Liars.

      Does anyone know what to do?

      It won't get better until someone finds an answer (that works).
  • May 6 2013: I honestly believe that we should leave other countries and cultures to their own.
    Most other countries don't want us there, just as we don't have a bunch of country reps stationed here, we don't want them.
    I believe that federal governments is where the secrets lie.
    Depending upon what your personal beliefs are, could explain why we keep going to war. End of time, humans being naturally evil, greed and war is a very lucrative business, federal government being mind controlled by demons or evil aliens. Where ever you would like your mind to go.
    Either way, war and violence is ultimately wrong. I never thought it to be okay to kill billions of innocent people who had no part or say so in the war. In my opinion, if government officials have issues among themselves, then it should be between them, don't send thousands of soldiers to their death beds, and don't allow them to send thousands of innocent civilians to theirs.
    Other countries don't make me feel unsafe, it's the government that does.
    • May 6 2013: Uniqea,
      You've won the HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD award.

      I keep asking the questions about why WAR?
      Nobody much wants to discuss the subject.
      TED doesn't much like my digs I do about things.
      But, they allowed this to get past the moderator.

      I think most educated people in the US are ashamed.
      Plain and simple. Ashamed. And if they vote, maybe
      they should be. I am. I never tried to stop WAR.
      And, I didn't complain about it either.

      I didn't really notice what was happening until
      the early 1990's while sitting in a coffee shop,
      I surfed with no real motive, and stumbled across
      Israeli's secret service website, that was when
      Terrorists in Africa and Europe were on a tear.
      Israel was seeking out Terrorist's locations.

      A few years later, 9/11 came and went, and I found
      that our US secret service and the CIA both had
      offices there. I understood the revenge angle, and
      why the terrorists had tried twice to destroy the

      None of this is good. War, Revenge, none of it.
      • May 6 2013: I can't help but think that the US is the hand that knocks all of the dominoes down...
        But if memory serves me correctly we were never an independent country
        I have not taken the time to do further research on the different conspiracy theories, and such. My knowledge is still somewhat based on mainstream news, and a little bit of the conversation saying "the govt bombs its own land for selfish reasoning" so, I don't have an opinion on specific attacks YET
        BUT, I don't think it's a coincidence that there are a bunch of films that have already came out and are coming out (i.e. The Emperor, which is about US firing at Japan before Pearl Harbor, a fact we already know, but you get the point) telling us the real stories to what happened, or is happening.
        There is a law, mandating the government to announce all of its actions, reactions, agendas etc. But there is no law mandating how that information should be presented. So, it's up to us, the people to decide what to believe and not.
        If you ask me, with all of these mental illnesses being tossed about, I believe that people of the fed are the most mentally ill. I cant imagine a sane being ruthlessly attacking civilizations, attempting to condition people to be criminals, killers, and drug users (this new molly fad, why are all these rappers telling me to do drugs, why are all my friends suddenly interested in drugs)
        We don't just have violent wars, we the people are enduring a silent war as we speak, but so many people in this country are so lost that the war is mostly one sided. Fluoride in our water, GMO in our food, chem trails in our air, ghettos, low wages and low hiring rates low hours no benefits, any reason for the govt to collect more from us. I live in an urban area, there's no healthy food markets in my city, I have to drive 20 mins for a healthy food market
        I don't know why our government is doing these things, but it's not sane, and I wish everyone would do something.
    • May 7 2013: Uniqea, I believe that you are right.

      Outlining the problem --

      Shortly before WW2,
      FDR ran for election promising to not become involved
      in the European conflicts.

      Churchill, as the story goes, talked him into being
      a non-belligerent ally. Hitler took a slightly different view.

      Until then we had become an Isolationist nation.
      Since then we have become the leading source of the
      world's military weapons.

      The United States sells more weapons than all the
      other nations combined.

      We are very good at killing and maiming wee children,
      and innocent civilians.

      We both Win and Lose WARS.
      It makes 'little difference' to Washington DC politicians.
      They put a different spin on things, and seek a new WAR.

      The rest of the world have had their fill of the United States'
      fighting "Preemptive Wars upon other nation's shores".

      A couple of months ago, North Korea's leader,
      used that phrase, in a 'tongue-in-cheek' threat against
      the United States. When I read it, I wondered,
      "Did anyone else notice?".

      I am certain the voters didn't.
      And, Washington DC, didn't send a Drone. Yet...
      • May 7 2013: I have always noticed and wondered exactly why and how wars were on other lands but not our own, especially with how easy it is (or was) to get in and out of this country.
        And USA are always in someone's war, always loaning money they don't have so another land can owe them money they don't have.
        All presidents who promise to end war, do end war only to engage in another with the same purpose, to have someone owe them.
        Politicians, the rich, the elite, big business/bank owners, government, congress, however you want to name them, never are affected by any of the negative things occurring in this country.
        Wars, diminishing privacy rights, diminishing food quality, lack of employment and income, low city budgets, high education prices, illegal policing, diminishing public school quality and quantity, but prisons increasing in numbers, all not affecting these groups of people, but they all feel qualified to make decisions about these issues and their decisions worsen each issue.
        They all have to go. How is the question...
        • May 8 2013: Uniqea,
          How, is the question... WARS were on other lands but not our own?
          The United States by doing WAR upon other nation's shores, can
          avoid any backlash from it's own citizens who might disagree.

          Why, is the question... is the USA always in someone's WAR?
          The US Military is spread world-wide at 150+ bases, leased from
          foreign nation's, with agreements to train and equip their military..
          A first step for the US Dept of State to become a partner, and to
          control trade.. As the host countries engage in WAR the US is
          right there to be an ally.. Missions, Consulates, and Embassies.
          house State Dept c.i.a.'s networks, private contractors, and trained soldiers/marines/sailors as guards.

          These are but a couple of answers to your many queries.
          There is not enough room to get the job done.
          I do not hate my nation.. It could be improved with a
          change from WAR POLICY to PEACE POLICY.
          And, while President Wilson tried, he failed, and the
          United Nations hasn't done much better, as far
          as WAR is concerned.. There is still hope that the
          tragedy for millions of peoples throughout the world
          can be stopped.

          Perhaps if we all write a conversation, and speak our
          minds, loud and long enough, the message will get
          through. -- We need to do so. --
  • May 8 2013: Thank you all.
    The 2 weeks for this conversation have dwindled to just 1 day.
    Only 8 conversationalists. But thank you who care enough.

    With topics like WAR, there are factors that inhibit people
    from speaking freely, and which thus results in a non-ideal
    type of discussion, as it hinders diversity and equality of
    participants and viewpoints to arise fully.

    Or in other words -- Most people just keep their heads down
    and their mouths shut.

    I knew this, but I didn't know how rich or poor the responses
    would be, and I am saddened to find so few.

    Apparently I took the wrong tact to address WAR.
    Or, maybe I am just too blunt, and scare people off.

    When WikiLeaks first started, it soared high. People were impressed
    finding the truth about what their politicians and military truly wrought.

    But, after reading the secret memos, and seeing the secret videos,
    the people didn't rise and demand change. Instead they watched
    quietly as their various governments, 'working in concert', put the
    whistle-blower into a military prison, and chased Julian Assange
    into exile within an Embassy. Effectively stomping out the fires.

    I have learned something about governments.
    They do not necessarily play fair.
    They bend the rules to their needs.
    And, most important,
    Governments can be dangerous to your health.
  • May 8 2013: We Americans need face up to the decision we must make.

    We either will make War and Kill other humans,
    or, as chimerical as it may seem.
    We will provide to ourselves and the world, humanity.
  • May 1 2013: Paying for continuous Warring means higher Taxes...

    The Senate is going to Tax the Internet sooner than later.
    They are giving it a high exemption to start,
    and then later then can shave the exemption,
    as time passes and they need more money.

    Sequestration has caused them a bit of grief,
    and they need to get the money back in the kitty.

    We see this happen when Sewer Contractors want
    to start a new Sewer District. They sell voters on the
    need to study, and ask for only maybe a 1/2 a mil. tax.
    That gets the ball rolling. Voters don't care. And next
    vote, the 1/2 goes up, and up, and up. By the time
    an uproar is heard, it's too damned late.

    This is what the Senate is doing to us Internet fans
    right this minute.

    Don't say you weren't warned.
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    May 1 2013: Step one : The UN. The UN needs to be made into a powerful organization, the member nations should be taxed of technology and this technology used to establish a UN satalite system to watch the world for information without reliance on member nations, it should include search rescue and law enforcement rights such as held by the us coast guard on the entire world oceans and in cislunar space,
    Also they need to control a space based and land based anti missile systems.
    An international force of UN peace keepers, that is military riot police, needs to be created and maintained as a standing force not reliant on the militaries of member nations.
    The UN needs to recognize and establish "Free cities" that is Cities that are UN sovigern territorries so that the (I hope) growing number of people who see them selves as Global citizens have a place to go.

    In a book I have which was printed in the tiny window for time after WWI and before the failure of the Leage of nations, the cause of war is identified as the lawlessness an Anarchy that exists between nations. There needs to be an internationall body with international law and one law needs to be It is a Criminal act to invade or aid in the overthrow by force another nation.
    • May 1 2013: Russell, thank you.
      You are right.
      And believe it or not,
      All you have described is today
      in place, and working.

      But, we don't seem to be making progress.

      Why is that?

      Does anyone out there know, why Our Government
      in 2013 continues to make War?
      This is the 21st Century.
      We can Instantly communicate without Babel.

      Why do our elected Leaders Maim and Kill other Human Beings?
      By god we want answers. Not Bull. Not Excuses.
      And we want this behavior to cease. Right NOW !!!

      If you folks disagree. Tell me.
      Tell me that Killing innocent Humans is the only answer.
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    May 1 2013: Frank, our governments have thousands of diplomats, consulates, embassies. All these people try to prevent wars.
    • May 1 2013: greg, thank you.
      You think more highly of the State Dept than I.

      I has been proven to all of us that our Embassies are nests of Spies.
      The CIA have their homes there. They run Spies. Lots of Spies.

      That CIA agent the State Dept ransomed from Pakistani widows,
      was sent home to Colorado. He was arrested soon after. Seems
      he was in a knife fight. He had the knife. He was drunk in a bar.
      Look it up...

      Like the Missionaries always said; Don't judge our religion by
      the people in it.

      greg, I want to trust Obama and the 5 or 6 other presidents that
      took us down this road. I just cannot do so. They are the bad guys.
      I won't be here for the change. But change is coming.
  • Apr 27 2013: edward, you are a thoughtful person.
    I respect your opinions.

    Please consider this statement --
    No nation has tried to "take" the USA by force.

    Unbelievable? Not so? The facts are otherwise.

    The world has about 180 governments/nations.
    How many are doing War? Today?
    How many have done War in the last year?
    In the last 2 years?
    3 years?
    10 years?
    20 years?

    Which nations are doing War in "central" Africa today?
    Which of them doing War are using USA military forces?
    How many USA Drone Bases have been and are being
    constructed in central Africa this year?
    Why? Why do we not see this in our News Media?

    Shall I run around the world with you and explain the
    everlasting problems of revenge by the practice
    of regime change by the USA?

    Can you, ed, help? Please help!!!
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      Apr 27 2013: Regarding your assertion that "No nation has tried to "take" the USA by force", please peruse this website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States
      • Apr 27 2013: edward,
        You seem to want to prove a point.
        There are a ton of Wars in the list you refer to.
        But none of the Wars gave a "reason" for the conflict.

        I marched off to war, like every other gung-ho young man, prepared to kill or be killed. The guy behind me got it in the neck, but he was lucky and survived. I also survived.
        Today, I enjoy my military VA healthcare.

        However, I still question -- why War?
        I've never found an explanation that made sense.

        The VA saved my hide, twice.
        This last time, 13 years ago, and not War related.
        The VA has a great hospital and clinic system.
        We all should be proud of those who give so generously.

        During a 6 month stay in-hospital, not once did I hear
        a harsh word spoken to any patient. No matter how loud
        and nasty a patient might become. Gentle words only, were
        the responses from Doctors, Nurses, and Staff. It takes
        special people to do those kinds of jobs. I applaud them
        and their efforts.
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          Apr 28 2013: I don't know why we have war Frank, I only know war is woven into the fabric of humanity. America could not continue as a free country without her military might. Like it or not war is a FACT OF LIFE! I am not arguing that everything we do with our military is the right thing to do. We do need to fix the way troops are sent into harm's way. But to replace the DOD with a DOWP is not the answer. We must keep our military as strong and ready as we can so hostile forces will always fear to tread upon the USA! Also, I too benefit immensely from the VA health system and I agree it is the best medical care around. Thank you for serving America my friend. Be well.
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    Apr 27 2013: With every government agency there are unintended consequences, more often than not the exact opposite of the stated mission.

    Yet another reason to emaciate government.
    • Apr 27 2013: Pat,
      You've won the HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD award,
      coveted throughout mankind, and in many zoos.
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    Apr 27 2013: that would be the quintessence of hypocrisy.
    • Apr 27 2013: Krisztian, Thank you,
      You've adroitly spotted the problem.
      The trouble with knowing the answer
      is that no one does anything about it.

      Knowledge works well when applied.
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    Apr 26 2013: Wouldn't this be a logical part of every country's Department of State? In fact, it seems there is section of the U. S. Department of State which has a very similarly articulated mission.
    • Apr 26 2013: Fritzie, I wonder why?
      If the behavior is wrong.
      Then the articulated mission needs to be replaced.
      Logic is not always right.
      Wishing it were doesn't change things.
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        Apr 27 2013: "Logic is not always right".-- Say what? If being right means falsifying logic then I don't want to be right.
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          Apr 27 2013: Tru dat
        • Apr 27 2013: ed and pat, really now, you guys need to research logic.
          You will find as I did, logic is not always something to depend upon. I was fascinated to find this was true.

          Einstein's theory changed some belief systems.
          And I use relativity every day now, it works.
          It is proven.

          Too bad the reality of non-stop Wars that Kill and Main
          cannot be stopped by logic. If they could, they would.
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    Apr 25 2013: In a sense the DOD could be thought of as the DOWP. A strong military is the best deterrent against war. Bad guys think like predators in that they go after the weak. I agree there is rampant misuse of military might for economic and political purposes and that should be fixed, you are definately right! But, let's not diminish our military might in the process. To do so would be to invite some evil empire to make war upon us.
    • Apr 26 2013: edward, I like a lot of your comments.
      But I can't think of the DOD as a Dept of War Prevention.
      The DOD hasn't met a War it didn't like.
      I don't believe that a strong military is the best deterrent.
      Our military's one of the strongest in the world, and we do War before
      breakfast, during lunch, and before and after dinner 24/7/365.

      I agree (with you) there is rampant misuse of military might for economic and political purposes and that should be fixed. NOW.

      There's always going to be some evil empire to make War upon us.
      But as any good or bad lawyer will tell us, "It takes 2 to tangle.".

      We downsized our military after WW1, and elected FDR who ran on a platform promising not to get involved in the European Wars.

      Arguments were made about us getting caught flat-footed by the Japanese with our reduced military capacity, but that didn't carry much weight.

      I will stop now, as my computer is asking me for a re-start to complete my updating. Thanks for your response, I'm glad you did..
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        Apr 27 2013: The human drama has a natural component called predator/prey interaction. Why it is so I cannot say, but how it plays-out is well documented in history. I strongly urge you to reconsider your statement: "I don't believe that a strong military is the best deterrent." Do you really think the USA would be here today were it not for her ability to engage and defeat those who would take her by force?
  • Apr 25 2013: It seems realistic to get started finding out whether or not (we) citizens of any nation can keep our Government under control. We all view the world in different measures. I am a 3/4's of a century elder, and have pretty much set rules and values that control my thinking.

    I recall, as a very very young child in my mother's arms, being upset and mad that I could not communicate. I was able to understand the language spoken as my mom told her friend that I did not yet talk. I strove mightily to protest, but only ended up crying. That was when I decided that things in the world needed to change. But, instead, they just got worse.

    WW2 with Churchill, FDR, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and eight other supporting nations, the world went absolutely nuts. War has a life of it's own. People are caught up in believing in it. It is like a fire. It catches your eye. You just cannot look away. Hypnotically everyone dances to the same drummer.

    Can this be what humans accept as real life? Secrets, Stealth, Drones...
    When the comic strip "Terry and the Pirates" became "Terry and the Flying Tigers" at the beginning of the Korean Conflict. I knew as a wee child, something was wrong, very wrong. The media, propaganda? Hmmm.
    If a wee child can see through the nonsense, why cannot adults?

    I would appreciate reading all your responses.
    Thank you,
    Frank Barry

    Just an old guy that thinks the world needs a bit of fixing, NOW...