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Governments have a Department of War Prevention.

Threats of War, making Wars upon foreign nation's shores, non-stop Wars begun with lies, have become the way Governments today negotiate with one another. We citizens of all our nations need put a stop to such garbage. We need to do it right NOW. Am I right?


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  • Apr 25 2013: It seems realistic to get started finding out whether or not (we) citizens of any nation can keep our Government under control. We all view the world in different measures. I am a 3/4's of a century elder, and have pretty much set rules and values that control my thinking.

    I recall, as a very very young child in my mother's arms, being upset and mad that I could not communicate. I was able to understand the language spoken as my mom told her friend that I did not yet talk. I strove mightily to protest, but only ended up crying. That was when I decided that things in the world needed to change. But, instead, they just got worse.

    WW2 with Churchill, FDR, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and eight other supporting nations, the world went absolutely nuts. War has a life of it's own. People are caught up in believing in it. It is like a fire. It catches your eye. You just cannot look away. Hypnotically everyone dances to the same drummer.

    Can this be what humans accept as real life? Secrets, Stealth, Drones...
    When the comic strip "Terry and the Pirates" became "Terry and the Flying Tigers" at the beginning of the Korean Conflict. I knew as a wee child, something was wrong, very wrong. The media, propaganda? Hmmm.
    If a wee child can see through the nonsense, why cannot adults?

    I would appreciate reading all your responses.
    Thank you,
    Frank Barry

    Just an old guy that thinks the world needs a bit of fixing, NOW...

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