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Is there a natural way to balance the chemicals in a chemically unbalanced brain?

So a quick explanation and a bit of history about why I ask this question. Admittedly this question relates to myself, it's been a number of years since I last saw a physiological or a doctor so I expect the first reply to this question will be probably say "Go see a doctor".
I inherited a brain with a distinct lack of Serotonin and as such my days are up and down. As a teen I took generic prozac but found that it made my mood and general self grey. As are most teens doing something they don't want to do, they don't do it...
I stopped taking the medication and dealt with the depression my own way and that's the way it's been since. Over time I've gained an appreciation for natural health, I don't mean essence of lavender and such, but things as simple as vegetables and the vitamins and such they provide.
I've come to a cross road where I want to stick with my ideals of natural health and feeling better.
I realize it isn't an easy question or topic, but anyone with insight on any level would help.

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    W. Ying

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    Apr 26 2013: .
    I like your "dealt with the depression my own way".

    The reasons:

    (1) Serotonin is a information chemical representing many physiological activities.
    Prozac does not.

    (2) "....

    12. Health
    To be fit, smart, and energetic for more than 100 years old, we need do as instinctively as possible according to the following 4 points:
    (1) Eat Various Living Cells Only
    This is because our instincts or ancestors’ successful experiences determine us to eat this way.
    This way is conjointly regulated by the ultra-high accuracy and optimal points as mentioned above.
    Also, this way must be the concrete specific standards of the so called rational diet, balanced diet, or complete diet by doctors and nutritionists.
    (2) Exhaust Muscles in Nature Every Day
    This is because our instincts or ancestors’ successful experiences determine us to exercise this way, too.
    This way is regulated jointly by the ultra-high accuracy and optimal points as well.
    We have to exercise exhaustedly; otherwise, our muscles will gradually degenerate. This is the lesson taught in the biology at our junior high school.
    The degeneration of muscles will induce a lot of healthy problems. This is because of our body is a system of all its parts working conjointly and influencing one another closely with ultra-high accuracy and at their optimal points.
    (3) Be in Bed in the Dark All Night Long
    Our instincts of ultra-high bio-economics require us being in bed in the dark all night long. This is the lesson taught in the biology at our junior high school, too.
    (4) Seek Only Valid Happiness Lifelong
    Almost all of the troubles of in our life are caused by invalid happiness. Apparently, the really believing in all kinds of invalid happiness is harmful to us and quit them definitely will make us healthy and happy lifelong.
    (from Be Happy Validly!)
  • Apr 25 2013: I think the doctor answer is the right first step. You might ask the doctor to work with you on natural solutions. Many people think that the doctor is a dictator when it comes to healthcare, and really he is a partner.

    That being said, you might look at your life and consider what chemicals you consume that are not natural and try reducing them one at a time to see if it helps you manage the effects a little better. I would start with things like caffine, alcohol, smoking, drugs, processed sugar(try honey), maple syrup, soda pop, and different spices. I might also consider how much exercise you get, your sleep habits, the number of computer video games you play, the amount of time in front of a computer or texting, etc. I would consider your environment. Are there loud noises or music, strong lights, bullying or taunting, a bad situation at home or similar things that might be aggravating the symptoms. Then there are more difficult things like personality things, self esteem things, etc. that you really do need to discuss with a professional.

    This wiki has some ideas.


    Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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    Apr 26 2013: Thank you all for you insight and knowledge, I feel as though I have a direction I can start heading. I've been evaluating aspects of my current situation and have determined that some things have to change.
    I made a booboo in my Question, as Jean T. mentioned, Psychologist, not Psychiatrist. I saw a Psychiatrist when I was younger and without a moments hesitation whipped out the prescription pad.
    On the other hand, the Psychologist I saw seemed to me at the time, a complete moron. I spent many hours answering true or false, multiple choice questions that if he had asked directly, gotten to know me a bit I could have, would have answered.
    ANY WAY, I will take your knowledge to heart as I make my future decisions.
  • Apr 26 2013: Last semester, I remember my psychology professor talking about this. If I remember correctly, there is no way to re balance a chemically unbalanced brain.You can live the life that you want to live, the only thing is that you'll have to do other things to maximize your brain's chemical production.

    From the small knowledge that I have on psychology, your best shot at a solid answer is to ask a psychologist (not a psychiatrist). Psychiatrists will prescribe you medication that I know you don't want to take, while the psychologist will teach you how to think and what to do to maintain a chemical balance in your brain.
  • Apr 25 2013: You seem to indicate sometimes as the book about John Nash shows us. However, Docs are very helpful in healthcare.