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Will imparting education to children in slums enrich their lives without the basic atmosphere, basic needs ?

People agree on the quote that education changes a man's fate and brings him out of poverty or from rags to riches. So when we decide to bring up the economy and the literacy rate, what we do is educate the uneducated children in the slums. I work with children of an orphanage and what we do is teach English to them every weekend. They don't have basic infrastructure, health care, the atmosphere which instead of motivating them to study, demotivates them.

We all do educate the children in slums but will they study in a condition in which they cannot even find food to eat.
Will they be forced to work as a child laborer* in order to earn money for their daily bread, or will they choose to continue to study ?

* Child labor still exists in some places in India. Although the government is taking steps to resolve this issue, they are unable to curb the menace since there is no clear data. Even if they find out, the employers claim to take care of the children.


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    Apr 26 2013: Child labor doesn't just exist in some places in India. Its is widely prevalent, even in major cities.
    Imparting education to children will not enrich their lives immediately, it simply prepares them for the future.
    But in order to ensure that the education that we provide them reaches them, a good atmosphere is necessary.
    The government has taken measures to address these issues, but like all other government measures, corruption and indifference has made them inefficient.

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