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To elicit action via this forum from either a consortium or individuals to place open letters in major media regarding respective subjects

The letters ought to be directed to... and demand that...
A) Accurate unbiased representative government by civil funding only.
B) True science based whole health postured care system uninfluenced by money via profit systems.
C) Mission statement adherence within the financial industry that center on noble fair and equitable credo with real penalties.
D) Media reportage unencumbered by connection to industry or otherwise biased in anyway so committed to being a forth estate.
E) Food industry not in anyway disconnected with health science, at it's mission to promote well being not profit on ill health.
F) Education take a non industrial age template to children/adults of the 21st century and formulate a truly healthy environment in efforts toward the goal of problem solving for health welfare and thriving future generations.
G) Entertainment industry be civilly culpable and so aware not just to bottom line reactive sales with reptilian responsive base triggering via violent imagery.
H) Oil and mineral industries to comply with accepted peer reviewed environment science regarding impact on basic human survival and use equitable policies on retrieval of these minerals. And value based responsible economics included in these equations.
it would be a next move to create a social network page for collaboration, action tasking and further discussions.

Topics: Civil discourse

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  • Apr 26 2013: Naturally.. points taken, and I am absolutely drawn to what the tedsters accomplish and need not differentiate if higher disconnect indeed fits. Directly I am ill effected by a couple of negative responses and the case made for it here.
    I would not have marveled at teds were they so inclusive so come to ted talks as an important place for me in this new information age and the transitions to it.
    As I have allowed time its place and tonic I first and most importantly recognize how the dialogue has swerved away from any semblance of the topic. And i am intent on wrapping up the focus on whether or not tearing down ideas or otherwise reflecting nothing close to the spirit of the talks I have seen. As it becomes apparent again my effort is toward the vision I have interpreted ted discussion board affords. All while honoring your interjections I do not think this particular back and forth, you and I, is on beam as I see it. While you feel certainly clear about how this forum works best and it's limits it may help me not to extend that perception to my understanding. People laughed and mocked me on this idea and your posture I have navigated to a point where while points taken I suspect we do not share the same perspective. Good day sir.

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