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To elicit action via this forum from either a consortium or individuals to place open letters in major media regarding respective subjects

The letters ought to be directed to... and demand that...
A) Accurate unbiased representative government by civil funding only.
B) True science based whole health postured care system uninfluenced by money via profit systems.
C) Mission statement adherence within the financial industry that center on noble fair and equitable credo with real penalties.
D) Media reportage unencumbered by connection to industry or otherwise biased in anyway so committed to being a forth estate.
E) Food industry not in anyway disconnected with health science, at it's mission to promote well being not profit on ill health.
F) Education take a non industrial age template to children/adults of the 21st century and formulate a truly healthy environment in efforts toward the goal of problem solving for health welfare and thriving future generations.
G) Entertainment industry be civilly culpable and so aware not just to bottom line reactive sales with reptilian responsive base triggering via violent imagery.
H) Oil and mineral industries to comply with accepted peer reviewed environment science regarding impact on basic human survival and use equitable policies on retrieval of these minerals. And value based responsible economics included in these equations.
it would be a next move to create a social network page for collaboration, action tasking and further discussions.

Topics: Civil discourse

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  • Apr 26 2013: Thank you Fritzie for great insights taken in tonight for a time to digest and readdress tomorrow.
    As I do intend to do this I cannot resist first recognizing that in an "action science" sense it would be unfortunate. There seems to be more intelligence compressed here @ Ted than most other places so as in an open forum it is attractive. It would however be a shame if indeed it turns out to be simply a spot where we all spin in place, one gargantuan ego playing in league with another of similar size bantering on infinitely blah blah blah and so on.
    A very goodnight!.
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      Apr 26 2013: I don't think it is at all "a spot where we all spin in place." Many TEDsters are actively engaged in projects that are meaningful to them. What they do not do, necessarily, is to drop those meaningful efforts when another option and its champion come to town.

      This is another idea that is worth considering from an angle other than your specific interest. If people don't jump to follow any particular leader, you cannot logically conclude they are not engaged in meaningful projects and are just bantering infinitely. They may simply consider their projects a higher priority for their efforts than your project is to them.

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