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To elicit action via this forum from either a consortium or individuals to place open letters in major media regarding respective subjects

The letters ought to be directed to... and demand that...
A) Accurate unbiased representative government by civil funding only.
B) True science based whole health postured care system uninfluenced by money via profit systems.
C) Mission statement adherence within the financial industry that center on noble fair and equitable credo with real penalties.
D) Media reportage unencumbered by connection to industry or otherwise biased in anyway so committed to being a forth estate.
E) Food industry not in anyway disconnected with health science, at it's mission to promote well being not profit on ill health.
F) Education take a non industrial age template to children/adults of the 21st century and formulate a truly healthy environment in efforts toward the goal of problem solving for health welfare and thriving future generations.
G) Entertainment industry be civilly culpable and so aware not just to bottom line reactive sales with reptilian responsive base triggering via violent imagery.
H) Oil and mineral industries to comply with accepted peer reviewed environment science regarding impact on basic human survival and use equitable policies on retrieval of these minerals. And value based responsible economics included in these equations.
it would be a next move to create a social network page for collaboration, action tasking and further discussions.

Topics: Civil discourse

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    Apr 25 2013: Philip, I think you might get more satisfying response if you clarify what you are looking for. Are you asking for people to say, Sure, I'll write letters to major media demanding your eight demands here? And then to add a few more demands to your list? (And not to respond to the thread if they question the viability of your project?)

    Or are you looking for feedback or discussion of any of the ideas themselves?

    Or are you asking people whether this forum is a good place to organize a network of supporters for the letter writing campaign you envision?

    For example, I didn't interpret Pat's comment as not being civil. It was just too terse, obviously, for you to understand his position.
    • Apr 26 2013: First Fritzie great and good to see your interest and efforts to help. Yes to all of your questions in fact emphatically yes, dissection discussion and perspective as well. But there is obviously terse response vs a civil discourse. I find the fact Pat responds with nothing but a contrary statement and looks to me to engage him without making any initial point is high riding. In fact having admittedly looked at his arguments, and they seem exclusively that, over posts I decided his value is not appreciated in my heart I know this. This idea is my discussion and there are other open letters on Ted so it is not that hard a concept to follow. And so some here have baseless arguments it has been noted and I refuse to engage. I am optimistic and fail to see merit in such overall negativity. I have two respondents who beg an argument based on what patterns I see with other posts. This is not my problem it is decidedly a problem at Ted. It is no more than flaming and it troubles me. But as I said optimism carries me when folks laugh out loud at me or try to drag me to their shallow depths of conflict for its sake only it does not work. I am happy and will probably remain this way. Who is better off?
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        Apr 26 2013: I still fear the way you have posed your question is not the most fruitful.

        One question you might ask (independent of whether people agree in principle with your demands) is for people to give you feedback on whether presenting a list of demands like this to media outlets is likely to get media outlets' attention in a way that is productive to your agenda. If they think this approach is not the best to advance your agenda, what alternative would they expect to be more effective?

        Another question is what is the best way to gather letter writers for a letter writing campaign. I would have thought going to your social media channels, starting with people you know and who you know agree with your positions would be higher probability than posting to a discussion site.

        On that point, one thing I have noticed in my year of participation in TED Conversations is that it does not feel like a group of people waiting for a leader to come in and lead them in a project. For one, people seem to me quite independent minded, but even without looking for reasons, I have seen multiple times when someone has come in with a proposal looking for supporters here for an initiative, or to steer a collective effort here unrelated to the site itself, and I have never seen people rally behind the proposal in the sense of saying something like Count me in.

        I am not saying there cannot be a first time, but I have a feeling this is not your most promising hunting ground for this project.

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