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Does everything that we do in life revolve around finding a mate?

Being a senior in high school, I have observed my actions and the actions of those around me and something interesting has caught my attention. From the very moment we wake till we go to sleep at night we are planning our lives around what appeals to the opposite sex. I was wondering can we move past our animalistic nature and be forward thinking on our own or are we always to be caught in the rut of companionship? I caught myself forming life goals around a man that I have yet to meet, my plans to travel have already been stifled by the notion that in my pursuit of world travel I might miss out on my "one true love."


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    May 1 2013: Thinking of companionship is part of our humanity , no body likes to be alone , that's why we keep thinking of finding the one who would be part of the team .
    Forming life goals around somebody is a huge mistake ; life is a journey through which we meet many people , some of them stay , others go away , so if we gonna have our life goals formed around somebody then we should realize that there's a possibility that this person might be of those who aren't meant to be in our life .
    Your life should revolve about you , not in a selfish way , but in a way that makes you the only person who controls your happiness .

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