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Does everything that we do in life revolve around finding a mate?

Being a senior in high school, I have observed my actions and the actions of those around me and something interesting has caught my attention. From the very moment we wake till we go to sleep at night we are planning our lives around what appeals to the opposite sex. I was wondering can we move past our animalistic nature and be forward thinking on our own or are we always to be caught in the rut of companionship? I caught myself forming life goals around a man that I have yet to meet, my plans to travel have already been stifled by the notion that in my pursuit of world travel I might miss out on my "one true love."


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  • Apr 28 2013: Hi Ayla, bingo you are dot on the point. It couldn't have been more correct. The question you asked is actually a statement, a fact (change the symantics). It is actually the law of nature and going against is going against the law of nature. I have seen myself and everyone around doing things pointed at this very pursuit, irrespective of age, status and gender, but could never actually formally acknowledge it. At the same time seeking companionship is not something that we should not be doing or feel guilty of doing. But the problem is when it becomes an obsession and our life plans only revolves around it. And it is proven historically more than once. Having said that, how do you see your life without that inner urge or that 'animalistic nature' of finding that 'mate'? Not very interesting, I am sure.

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