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Does everything that we do in life revolve around finding a mate?

Being a senior in high school, I have observed my actions and the actions of those around me and something interesting has caught my attention. From the very moment we wake till we go to sleep at night we are planning our lives around what appeals to the opposite sex. I was wondering can we move past our animalistic nature and be forward thinking on our own or are we always to be caught in the rut of companionship? I caught myself forming life goals around a man that I have yet to meet, my plans to travel have already been stifled by the notion that in my pursuit of world travel I might miss out on my "one true love."


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    Apr 25 2013: I have not seen this phenomenon in my girls. They both focused very much on pursuing their interests. My younger daughter graduated from college last year, and her little group of girlfriends similarly were not focused on young men. They are all in graduate school now in the fields that caught their imaginations.

    This observation leads me to the hypothesis that what girls focus on depends on their social milieu- what their families and peer groups cultivate.

    This is not at all to say that these girls are only career minded and not family minded. It is only to say that they are not doing everything in life, or even a majority of what they do, to find a mate.

    I also don't really think there is one true love out there for everyone. I think there are likely many people with whom you could fall in love and make a life.
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      Apr 25 2013: I agree Fritzie.....I don't observe many young people adapting their life around finding a mate. My kids (in their 40s now) pursued their own interests through high school and college and had lots of friends.

      I also agree that there are probably many people with whom we can love and create a life together:>)
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          Apr 25 2013: I understand the point you are making ZX. Now that my "kids" are in their 40s, I'm hearing quite a bit of information that I did not know about when they were teens! LOL:>)
          Nothing earth shattering, and I think your point is that they do not tell us everything as teenagers? I agree!

          I did know them pretty well though because we shared a lot of time, talk and activities together, which was GREAT! They had lots of activities and groups of friends in high school and neither one of them had a special person. They both had very large groups of kids that all hung around together, mostly doing sport, music, and theater activities. I don't know as much about the college days because they were not living at home. I DO know that they continued with the large group of friends routine because they brought a LOT of them home:>) Neither one got married until their 30's, so apparently they were not in a big hurry!

          I agree....some people can be more special than others:>)

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