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Does everything that we do in life revolve around finding a mate?

Being a senior in high school, I have observed my actions and the actions of those around me and something interesting has caught my attention. From the very moment we wake till we go to sleep at night we are planning our lives around what appeals to the opposite sex. I was wondering can we move past our animalistic nature and be forward thinking on our own or are we always to be caught in the rut of companionship? I caught myself forming life goals around a man that I have yet to meet, my plans to travel have already been stifled by the notion that in my pursuit of world travel I might miss out on my "one true love."


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    Apr 25 2013: I don't know if one can truly get passed the notion of finding another to love and to share life's journey with. It is an honest and natural desire. I'll share a thought using the analogy of you driving a car, the car being your life. What I would suggest is that you place this desire in the "passenger seat" ,close by for I would imagine this does speak to your heart. You remain in the "driver's seat", the pilot pursuing your goals and dreams. As you journey you will learn much about yourself, you'll grow in many ways gaining a clearer understanding of your morals and values, you will find happiness and strength of character, a clearer understanding of who Ayla "is". As you journey, opportunities will present themselves meeting all sorts of gentleman along the way. One day you'll know when you cross paths with "him" for you'll have a clearer understand of yourself and will no longer be clouded with fear. If you remain open, it will happen and for the right reasons!
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        Apr 25 2013: well said Don. For it truly is "an investment worth making;growing wealth"
        thank you for your comments and sharing your wisdom !
        Mary Ellen
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          Apr 25 2013: Me too!! (like the look of the hillside....)

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