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What created the universe?

1. Everything that exists has a cause of existence.
2. The universe exists.
3. Therefore the uiverse has a cause of existence.

How far is this true?
Can we say that something created the universe?
Or did the Big Bang create the universe?
Is it true that the universe came from nothing?
How can we explain the Big Bang?


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    Apr 25 2013: All three statements are true. The problem that we encounter is that the word God is often used to explain the unexplained. Such an explanation is no explanation at all. It tells us nothing about who or what God is. If the big-bang created the universe, it still tells us nothing of what caused it.

    The big-bang is the most accepted theory to date. It can be equated to many religious beliefs; God, the dawn of a day of Brahma, the causeless cause, the eternal parent of gnostic Christianity and modern Rosicrucian doctrine, and many mythical gods personifying the forces of nature in creation myths. None of these explanations offer anything other than obscurity. They all take us into the unknown.

    It may be that the present universe is one of many endless cycles typical of Hindu beliefs. yet if this is true, it still tells us nothing of what is behind it because we cannot quantify anything that precedes the big-bang. All we can quantify is what we know to be true in the present cycle.

    All of matter can be reduced to quantum energy fields. They are the same for everything that exists. They are everywhere, they are invisible, they are the alpha and the omega, they are what is doing the creating. Quantum energy fields are eternal. They are perfect. All forms, all structures, all forces, all processes, all physical laws are derived from them. They are the first cause of everything we know to exist. How and why they exist is unknown. We know the effects they produce. We know nothing more about them at the present time.

    Quantum mechanics is the deepest level of what we know about why the universe is the way it is. I suggest you start there.

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