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What created the universe?

1. Everything that exists has a cause of existence.
2. The universe exists.
3. Therefore the uiverse has a cause of existence.

How far is this true?
Can we say that something created the universe?
Or did the Big Bang create the universe?
Is it true that the universe came from nothing?
How can we explain the Big Bang?


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  • Apr 24 2013: Hi.
    The universe didn't come from nothing. It couldn't have because nothing exists for it to come from.
    Nothing is nothing.
    But, if there was nothing, then there was blackness or no light. There couldn't have been light so it had to be black.

    Black is the absorption of all light, so within this blackness is all light and from light comes all things.
    There is an equilibrium of this blackness or rather the light within it but should there be a slight change in this internal pressure, then the pressure grows, changing the equilibrium and building up until it forces an expansion, i.e. the big bang
    It then expands in all directions, in my mind somewhat like a sheet of expanded metal.
    This gives an illusion of time when in fact there is no time. All is just one moment that still is today (one sheet of metal and a flat universe), and each part of that expanded metal appears to be different but is only a different part of the whole and with illusion of time, comes the illusion of age. After it has expanded to a bigger size, it warps and becomes open, an open universe, always expanding.

    For me, this makes it easier to see and understand the relationship between each part of the expanded metal because it is all connected, even in the spaces where it appears there is no metal. There is still a connection that effects each part and so on throughout the entire sheet, i.e., the universe.

    All mathematical possibilities exist and we are just one of those possibilities that exist where we are.
    As the expansion grows, it grows from the expansion of mathematical possibilities that exist as the number of infinitesimal mathematical possibilities are newly existing, or newly are.
    They are what pushes the expansion further and further, so to speak.
    The expansion is fueled or pushed by infinite possibilities or potentiality.

    Right now, everywhere in the universe, everything is happening at once. There is no time and there is enough room for all of it to happen.
    What say ye?

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