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What created the universe?

1. Everything that exists has a cause of existence.
2. The universe exists.
3. Therefore the uiverse has a cause of existence.

How far is this true?
Can we say that something created the universe?
Or did the Big Bang create the universe?
Is it true that the universe came from nothing?
How can we explain the Big Bang?


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  • Apr 24 2013: I am satisfied with a concept of Original Mind capable of developing vast and stupendous plans, a mind far transcending capabilities of human mortals to comprehend or even imagine. The beginnings of things material are not an accident or of a big bang. Humans are time oriented and therefore cannot imagine timeless eternity, so therefore its difficult to see the location of the Original Mind as coming from a still, motionless, timeless infinity called Paradise. This Original Mind is the philosophical (for man's limited thinking capability) and real origin of all energy. Are we not able to now imagine, given all the discoveries in the recent centuries, that the Universe of universes is larger than what we had thought possible?

    The satisfying conclusion for now is that material energy and matter is caused by an uncaused Cause! God is the only such Mind-Person. Relying totally on tradition of world religions is very limiting; scientific investigation has revealed new data not found in traditions of the past. Such traditions cannot explain all things.

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      Apr 26 2013: How is an uncaused cause a satisfying conclusion mark?

      Assuming a magical entity, that is not subject to any constraints is not satisfying in my mind. Its a concept akin to magic, no explanatory power whatsoever, no evidence, just a convenient assertion that a universe creating being could make universes.

      You are free to believe in a fallacious argument, but it is special pleading, and an argument from ignorance.
      • Apr 26 2013: It is satisfying to me because no one has proposed a better explanation. A person wrote here several months ago the big bang is only imagined, not proven. The belief in an Original Mind Cause is not magic. No, its not ignorance. Partial details are revealed and none of the world's religions has all the facts. We cannot rely on any religious traditions to explain what was not known when written or as they evolved from man's early beliefs.

        No one can explain an Uncaused Cause! Who or what caused the big bang? Surely a thinking person could assume there are many more details of the beginnings of things. I prefer not to participate in fallacious arguments. The dilemma for science is material realities are here, but we cannot explain all things. We never will, but we will discover more in time. Its reasonable to assume new discoveries will bring more questions. Where does it end if there is no provision for a First Cause of all things? Satisfaction comes from knowing by faith there is a First Cause Parent of all. Such cannot be proven by science and exclusively scientific approach.

        It is satisfying for me now because no scientist has found a better answer. If someone has, then let him step and explain.

        The comforting aspect is that the Cosmos is enduring and all of us are invited to apply our curiosity to investigation, to relating to the Parent of all things material. The Enduring One is not imagination, but revealed in time and in private thoughts to all who will listen. PS: I am not interested in discussing religions or doctrine, so that is not involved here.
      • Apr 30 2013: Understand this; outer space is pitch black and nothingness. Space is nothing and is endless, there is no life in space itself, space just is. Dark "matter" is what space is made of.

        Darkness is the absorption of all light, so within dark matter there is light. Without light, there would be no darkness, without darkness there would be no light.

        Before there was light in the universe, it was pitch black and nothing existed. All that dark matter, or nothingness, is what God is. An infinite source of light. God existed (past) before there was light; light is the reason there is existence (present). How can there be existence before existence?

        The truth is time doesn't exist, it's an illusion. Light came to existence as an explosion of pure dark matter energy, and we all know explosions scatter matter into 3 dimensions. Take a frag grenade for example, when it blows up, it scatters shrapnel in literally all directions, in 3d fashion. The same thing happens with how we come to exist. We only exist because of light, therefore we exist within light. Light blew up and scattered within dark matter (space). The further light gets from its source, the slower in"time" things exist within it. Basically the Big Bang is happening now, but we're so far from the original point in space of the explosion that we haven't ceased to exist yet. Light will never run out, it will keep expanding forever within dark matter.

        God is not the force behind existence, God just is existence itself, dark matter and light at the same time. God's purpose is just to exist, because if the universe didn't exist, we wouldn't exist. That's why Christians say praise God, they're basically saying that we should just say thank you to existence itself, because without God there simply isn't anything at all.

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