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Whats the reason for rising unemployment in India ?

India is producing large number of fresher graduates every year. But employment opportunities are negligible. What do you think is happening in India?


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    May 2 2013: Vivek, I am no expert on your country .. what I offer is my opinion ... no offense is intended. The political make up of your country will make it difficult to entice businesses. The many parties, the curruption, the cultural barriers, all make for a unstable business climate.

    Disputes with China and Pakistan and internal strife tend to make more news that the progress that has been made. India is a favorite of the USA as a outsource location as well as many other countries. However, as times have become rough economically and politically worldwide many of the outsources have been recalled to the home country. As India has raised it base wages and a large middleclass is occuring it also takes away the "cheap" man power pool that origionally brought the businesses. China is another spot to outsource but they even found that to further outsource to Africa was moneymaking for them.

    With over half of the economy based on services the GDP will rise and fall often.

    It is my opinion that India will become a force to be reconned with in the next decade or so .... I base this on the technological, education, manpower, and geography of India.

    If you compare where India was in the 1950 as to where it is today the change is great. This was accomplished in spite of the political problems that have plagued India.

    The loss is in the service sector ... expand the industrial ... and seek a better business climate.

    I wish you well. Bob.

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