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Whats the reason for rising unemployment in India ?

India is producing large number of fresher graduates every year. But employment opportunities are negligible. What do you think is happening in India?


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  • Apr 25 2013: We talk of large number of graduates passing out of colleges without quality education. We talk of Governmental policies that do not ensure jobs for everyone et all. Yet the basic fact remains unanswered. Can we stop our progeny to get education - quality or no quality is another matter. Can any government in the world ensure jobs for each and every hand. The answer is "NO, NEVER". So where lies the solution to the malady? To have the solution we must have an insight to the malady itself. The malady is not education but the mode of education. Many of us may have read the opinion of Lord Macaulay in Facebook in which he seems to have propagated that to mitigate India, its traditions and social customs have to be broken. I do not know if that was true or not but what is true that we ourselves have broken our traditional mode of education. Remember, in earlier days, the education meant that you learn ropes of some self-employment - be it weaving cane furniture, pottery, weaving cloth, making idols etc. Now, all that is missing. From Nursery to Post-graduation we are taught to acquire a good job and be at the beck and call of someone. Industriousness is lacking. So, all those who are passing out just trying to get a job and not being self-employed. If the education now includes ways to make children industrious, then there will be lot less hands that seek jobs. Modern and relevant self industrious courses like packaging, printing, dying, tool making, making household utilities combined with knowledge of promotion and packaging will definitely pave the way for our unemployed youth. This can be started at any age, any class and with any education.
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      Apr 25 2013: Such self industrious courses are already in existence.
      And many are taking them which has resulted in a large number micro and small enterprises.
      But since the Population of India is so large that such courses will not help everyone.

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