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Can positive behaviour be encouraged at workplace using simple non-IT systems and procedures? Atul Gawande has proven that!

Atul Gawande has proved that even even complications and deaths have been reduced by as much as 80-90% using checklists. Can some objective metrics be designed that can transform human behaviour at workplace in a positive way?

  • Apr 24 2013: Why not? There is no reason this can't work as it has in the past.
  • Apr 24 2013: Great topic. Management needs to be more interested in the development of their employees. This means all aspects of life not just work.

    You can do whatever you want with an employee at work. If he or she suffers from severe anxiety no amount of training will work.

    It's important that managers understand the landscape. How do your employees feel? Yes...that's important to your bottom line. Managers need to be proactive with their employees. Communication breakdowns are probably the number one cause of business failures.

    Utilize your employee's talents. Identify people that can handle more work and others that need less. However, make each individual feel important. They may not be getting that at home.

    Counseling programs are a good idea. Have a manager sit down with employees once a month and get updates on how life is treating them. Managers in today's world need to consider more than their own paychecks.

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      Apr 27 2013: How about a simple 5 minute 1:1 employee engagement between boss and a team member?