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What is your definition of 'freedom'?

Every now and then we all question our own sense of freedom and what it is to be 'free'. How it is to live in the 'land of the free'. As much as it can sometimes be a little deep to talk about with peers, I thought this would be the best place to propose a discussion on your personal opinion of what it is to be 'free'.

See, a lot of people I've asked define 'freedom' as the opportunity to do what ever you want... I then follow this with asking, 'If everyone did as they wished, you'd then be bound by a constant fear of the actions of others, would you not? Then how 'free' would you feel?'

I simply want to start this conversation not because I believe 'freedom' is a definable concept, but because everyones' opinions of the idea is different and it's interesting to hear those opinions.


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    Apr 26 2013: What to do, how to act, what to think are things influenced or even driven by others. Even if I'm just walking down the street alone, there are so many rules governing my actions & behavior. So much media / input influencing my thought. So much invasive technology in our fabricated world. For me to feel free I need to be alone, in nature, meditating to focus on "nothing". I can find a sense of freedom there but only temporarily.

    Thanks for the posts.
    • Apr 26 2013: The less ego the more freedom.
      I guess, it goes like this
      Thanks !
      • Apr 28 2013: I like this condensed version better than mine. Thanks
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      Apr 28 2013: Tyler,
      I also LOVE the freedom I feel when experiencing nature, meditating, playing in the gardens, focusing on "nothing" ...and..... "everything":>)

      I'm wondering....
      Why is this feeling only temporary for you? Do you feel the same freedom when "driven by others", as you say?
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        Apr 28 2013: Hi dear Colleen
        great new picture..
        I think freedom is about being flexible...or lets say our capacity to challange every thing....
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          Apr 28 2013: Hello dear Mohammad....thank you.....nice to see you my friend:>)

          I agree...flexibility is a GREAT quality to have and enjoy. Even better when we can challange with a flexible, mindfully aware heart and mind?
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          Apr 28 2013: Dear Mohammad,
          I notice your new photo. I would send you an e-mial, but you do not have that feature in your profile. Are you aware that pointing a finger at people is sometimes thought of as threatening or aggressive? I thought you would like to know that because I feel certain that is not your intent.
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        Apr 29 2013: Dear Colleen
        really..?..!.....I like that pic....because i look like wolves in that pic....lol....
        of 'course i don't like to be threatening or aggressive...I am not..
        but I think you are right, maybe for this context that is not the best picture...

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