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What is your definition of 'freedom'?

Every now and then we all question our own sense of freedom and what it is to be 'free'. How it is to live in the 'land of the free'. As much as it can sometimes be a little deep to talk about with peers, I thought this would be the best place to propose a discussion on your personal opinion of what it is to be 'free'.

See, a lot of people I've asked define 'freedom' as the opportunity to do what ever you want... I then follow this with asking, 'If everyone did as they wished, you'd then be bound by a constant fear of the actions of others, would you not? Then how 'free' would you feel?'

I simply want to start this conversation not because I believe 'freedom' is a definable concept, but because everyones' opinions of the idea is different and it's interesting to hear those opinions.


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  • Apr 25 2013: Hi Caitlin.
    Since you didn't reply to my question I realized that I didn't really have a fixed definition for freedom.
    It has always been a state or condition, perhaps a feeling, for me rather than words strung together.
    Border-less or boundary-less would fit somehow for me.
    When people want and seek security, I want and seek freedom.
    I still would choose it over security but I don't think I can define it,
    In my life, where there has been borders or boundaries, there has been prison, fear, insecurity, something to manage out of this fear and insecurity, along with suspicion and the fear and reality of its loss one day.

    Freedom of the human spirit, whatever that may be.
    All of life, through all of time, is but a picture, and can be missing no part, or the picture is incomplete.
    Ultimately I guess, freedom would be freedom from fear, which is what everyone fears, supposing what others would do if we all were free. What about what each one fears they might do instead of what others might do?
    Being free of that then, might constitute freedom.

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