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Are TED Talks considered "news"?

Today in class my professor showed the class the associated press website and said this is a reliable source for news (our professor is always coming in with new stories each class like the Boston bombing and all types of things we've never heard of too) and a student says another good site is I had to bite my tongue to say that TED talks are not really what we were talking about. So later i called my friend who I introduced to TED talks and say did you hear that girl in class. I wanted to correct her and say Ted talks don't give the news or even news.( I don't see TED talks as news any way but if it is its not what we were talking about in class) my friend says that TED talks are news. After 20 minutes of arguing we could not come to an agreement , I even told him even if TED talks are news, it's not the type of news we were talking about in class. So my question is are TED talks considered news? And if it is, is it related to the type my professor was speaking of?

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    Apr 24 2013: When I watch a TED Talk the information is news to me probably because following research projects closely all over the world can be difficult or impossible without connections. If I wanted to know about the current status of a newly discovered deadly strain of flu then I'll go elsewhere.