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Should athletes be role models?

Some people say whether they like it or not, athletes are role models. If they participate in national or international sports and win, we admire them. We don’t necessarily worship them, but we think about their courage and determination when we are discouraged.

But others say it put too much pressure on athletes and it will influence their performance in their professional field.


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  • Apr 24 2013: Fact is...athletes are role models. They are paid enough to behave themselves. People picking up trash put in more work and get paid nothing. Let the garbage men misbehave. The guy getting a 100,000 dollar check cut can stand up straight and act right.

    Henry J. Woeltjen
    B.S. Criminal Justice Administration
    MBA Student
    Blogger/Social Media Guru/Business Management Consultant
    • Apr 25 2013: thank you. i like your opinions. :)

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