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Storing nuclear waste containers in missile silos.

Why can't we store those nuclear waste containers in nuclear missile silos?
The silos can hold a number of the waste containers, has been built to contain a nuclear device of tremendous power, is easily secured and there are hundreds of empty silos around the country.
The savings resulting from this program could be in the billions of dollars.
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    Apr 24 2013: I think that would be a question for a missile silo architect/engineer. I have no idea if a missile silo would be considered safe enough to contain that material.
    My gut tells me that silos probably wouldn't be adequate by themselves, but with planning and work I bet they would make a fantastic foundation.

    Any nuclear physicists around here have some science to bring to the table?
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    Apr 24 2013: I'd say that the waste would probably be better off in disused missile silos than buried underground in an old mine. If nuclear waste were stored in a mine--even in the stopes--there would still be a risk of leaching, which would contaminate the ground water which would then work its way into our water system. As well, the underground environment would cause the containers (assuming we're talking about drums) to rust and decay much faster than a missile silo. Mines are prone to loose rock falling, which would damage a nuclear waste container, or break it open entirely, and spent fuel rods are radioactive for a long, long time. Not to mention, missile silos are lined with metal, and--like you said, Rupert--were contained to house massive nuclear devices. The silos could be properly sealed (welding the doors shut), and the risks of leaching contaminating the ground water would be near nonexistant, as opposed to the risk if they were stored in an abandoned mine.

    Ground water and leaching are concerns in every mine's daily operations.
  • Apr 24 2013: Yes, I agree with Daniel - these were not engineered for this. Maybe an old deep mine would be best.