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Is the cultural anthropological impact of technology and information changing?

Future: Information creates social change and technology application?
Legacy: Technology creates social change and information application!

Do government, academic, economic, and industry leaders understand an Information Society Environment (ISE) will impact technology spending, require information compliance by hardware, software and standards?

Will government, academic, economic, and industry leaders be changed or impacted by an ISE dynamics, social/cultural boundary and borders flexibility?

Will the ISE be as disruptive (more or less) to society/culture, governments, academics, economics, and industry as 1900...2000 digital and telecommunications information technology ... hardware and software?


Closing Statement from Adelo Vant

Presently valuable information is lumped together in an information pile by most, but not all folks. IOW: Human gnome information for most folks is like all outer information not very useful. In the future as metadata/structure is added to information far more people will discover and use available information for presently unknown and unique purposes.

Legal mandates by governments or societies will be a waste of time, like the present war on drugs, the past prohibitions on booze and sex, and the concerns on printable guns. I like a few others (are not nihilist) expect the future will be far better, because information discovery and use will be uncontrollable by any means, and information application controllable by all folks. Maybe government will eventually be pure DEMOCRACY, which should scare the heck out of the powers that be presently.

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  • May 12 2013: Yes. But unfortunately by default rather than visionary design or cultural imperatives. Human intellectual capacity is now known to be "neuroplastic" in nature. This is so profound that it provides an answer to crush something like racism forever. It says that regardless of our appearance there is a dynamic at work in each individual in which he or she grows intellect in the form of "wiring" in the brain in response to challenges placed upon the brain in which people grow access to unused grey matter. No one is sentenced by race to be more or less than anyone else. Education demand reform on this criterion alone. It is never that people should be written off as incapable--it is only that they are unready at a given time. Motivation must become the horse in front of the cart of learning whereas until now learning has been in from of the horse of motivation. Why should education be viewed as an expense and children viewed as liabilities when that could be flipped around entirely to make education an economic profit center where motivation, autonomy and conduits for cooperation invite our progeny to shape the world they will inherit. It is only because we have drawn wrong assumptions and institutionalized dysfunction and set ourselves up as the standard by which young folk are to be judged. Well, we haven't done very good jobs in a lot of areas need to question if we are holding back an extraordinarily rich source of economic stimulus.
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      May 13 2013: First Thanks, I have been keeping up a little on neuroplastic brain development. Together with the on-coming Information Society Environment (ISE) for didactic learning and global culture change “a fall from hubris” is very likely for the “Powers That Be” today, unless the “Powers That Be” want to move on with the rest of US, EU, RU, CN … folks. With “Powers That Be” attempts at disruption and oppression, it still looks like early next century culture. I will hope for much sooner, I am +60yo/BBG.
      • May 13 2013: The powers that be will be a powerless that those who dismissed the automobile as a fad when someone delivers a product that illuminates and circumvents institutionalized dysfunction. Kids already text each other under their desks. Why not build a model that embraces cooperation through technology? The powers that be are all products of systems the were devoid of social development imperatives and formal models. So like the automobile they will be skeptical. But if done in such a way as to energize student motivation it would become one of those things like surrendering to the inevitability that your barn must be converted into a garage. I think we're so wrong about ourselves that some of what we call attention deficit syndrome could actually be solved with facilitation of motivation and autonomy rather than medication and a slap with a yard stick. It may take a long time to achieve the kind a of surrender to progress "d like to live to see but a lot will happen in the 21 st Century that will be good. I'm 57 and may not witness it. But I believe in people overcoming wrong eventually.

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