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Is the cultural anthropological impact of technology and information changing?

Future: Information creates social change and technology application?
Legacy: Technology creates social change and information application!

Do government, academic, economic, and industry leaders understand an Information Society Environment (ISE) will impact technology spending, require information compliance by hardware, software and standards?

Will government, academic, economic, and industry leaders be changed or impacted by an ISE dynamics, social/cultural boundary and borders flexibility?

Will the ISE be as disruptive (more or less) to society/culture, governments, academics, economics, and industry as 1900...2000 digital and telecommunications information technology ... hardware and software?


Closing Statement from Adelo Vant

Presently valuable information is lumped together in an information pile by most, but not all folks. IOW: Human gnome information for most folks is like all outer information not very useful. In the future as metadata/structure is added to information far more people will discover and use available information for presently unknown and unique purposes.

Legal mandates by governments or societies will be a waste of time, like the present war on drugs, the past prohibitions on booze and sex, and the concerns on printable guns. I like a few others (are not nihilist) expect the future will be far better, because information discovery and use will be uncontrollable by any means, and information application controllable by all folks. Maybe government will eventually be pure DEMOCRACY, which should scare the heck out of the powers that be presently.

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    May 1 2013: I guess that's a world I'm not interested in living in.
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      May 2 2013: More or less depends on when privacy issues are addressed. Before BigDogmaBro dejure exploits and enslave privacy to products and services or after BigBizBro dejure consumes more privacy (theft of property) for profits.

      Science and technology are good, but S&T applications by BigDogmaBro government, private, and religious institutions are damnation for US, EU ....
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        May 2 2013: Privacy Issues aside. Anybody that has ever had a mistake in their credit report can tell you why this is a bad idea.
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        R H 30+

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        May 12 2013: Ok. But aren't u using current social constructs (Bigbiz/Dogma) to describe a future structure we cannot, as yet, envision? These potential technologies are outside the realm of current ethical/legal precedent/consideration. What is 'privacy' when we're not sure a genetically farmed body double has rights, or a convicted criminal eligible for 'download' can refuse? The trinkets of info access for medical and entertainment value will be the 'tells' for the powers that be of what's possible. But we cant know what that looks like. My point is that our moral and ethical abilities must evolve - as quickly or quicker - than the incentivised BigBroDogma currently has unreservedly under the guise of competitive progress. This, to me, has incalcuable socio/cultural ramifications, regardless of how 'good' tech is. I am not a 'restrictionist' for science and tech, but we're not just making 'tools' anymore as a humans, we're transforming as a species.

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