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Is the cultural anthropological impact of technology and information changing?

Future: Information creates social change and technology application?
Legacy: Technology creates social change and information application!

Do government, academic, economic, and industry leaders understand an Information Society Environment (ISE) will impact technology spending, require information compliance by hardware, software and standards?

Will government, academic, economic, and industry leaders be changed or impacted by an ISE dynamics, social/cultural boundary and borders flexibility?

Will the ISE be as disruptive (more or less) to society/culture, governments, academics, economics, and industry as 1900...2000 digital and telecommunications information technology ... hardware and software?


Closing Statement from Adelo Vant

Presently valuable information is lumped together in an information pile by most, but not all folks. IOW: Human gnome information for most folks is like all outer information not very useful. In the future as metadata/structure is added to information far more people will discover and use available information for presently unknown and unique purposes.

Legal mandates by governments or societies will be a waste of time, like the present war on drugs, the past prohibitions on booze and sex, and the concerns on printable guns. I like a few others (are not nihilist) expect the future will be far better, because information discovery and use will be uncontrollable by any means, and information application controllable by all folks. Maybe government will eventually be pure DEMOCRACY, which should scare the heck out of the powers that be presently.

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    Apr 29 2013: I think technology is already changing our culture. Society is maturing very rapidly.

    ISE is already being much more disruptive. Some would even say exponentially(Decade-wise)
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      Apr 29 2013: Information Technology provides infrastructure and applications to people. Information (data/content) is the material that traverses the infrastructure and manipulated by the applications. The information as a material is a raw usable commodity when available.

      I agree technology is and has changed our culture, but information as the commodity (not the technology) needs many more tools (XML ...) to make the information discoverable and available to everyone, everyplace at any time for an ISE.

      IOW: Presently technology creates social change and information application and/or available, much public information is not discoverable or obtainable. Information creates social change and technology application becomes focused on discovery and availability of information. What you cannot (discover/obtain) know cannot help social change.

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