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What is the one thing that we all look to find in life?

Regardless of ethnicity, origin, or gender, what would you say would be the one thing that we all strive for each day?

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  • Apr 24 2013: In my opinion we all strive for answers to the great questions (why am I here, what does it all mean, what came first, the chicken or the egg). A place where we can be openly accepted and have the freedom to express our inner desires and strive for self fulfillment. Love for self, one another and the planet we occupy.
    The ability to question is what makes us special, at its core it is what makes us human. To look inside and understand that we are a small piece of a much larger puzzle allows us to grow as an individual and as a global community.
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      Apr 24 2013: Duane,

      You are right on target. The purpose of this question is not to find an answer but to see how it is answered. Thank you for your insight.

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