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What is the one thing that we all look to find in life?

Regardless of ethnicity, origin, or gender, what would you say would be the one thing that we all strive for each day?

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    Apr 24 2013: I think the word "strive" being included in your question shows not only the ongoing and inconclusiveness of life as we know it (how long can we maintain a state of bliss here on earth, if that is in fact what we want); but, this word as a longing verb shows the human nature that we have to yearn for something better than where we are now.

    If you examine the history of humans, we are always improving our external conditions and internal abilities to handle life - we are also always seeking to make the world a better place for those that we love whom will come after us to inherit this world. A utopian society I think would be ideal and amazing, but it seems at this stage our striving each day is still on the path of our ancestors, in that we hope to find a certain level of happiness while maintaining an internal emotional homeostasis, we hope to make the world a little better in the way that each one of us are able, and we typically hope that we will find a happiness more permanent than one that leaves us striving for more.
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      Apr 24 2013: Kendl,

      Thank you for your contribution, very well stated and thought through. Do you have a place that you write your thoughts on such topics such as a book, blog, etc? You have the ability to emphasis upon a simple concept and bring about reason that helps us conceptualize what we consider happiness.
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        Apr 24 2013: Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate the compliment - unfortunately I have not have the motivation to create a blog, but that's an interesting idea I might take you up on in the future. I've thought about writing a book actually, but I sort of lost the motivation for that as well. Anyway, thank you again for your compliment that's very nice of you. :-)

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