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What is the best way for a new non-profit to generate revenue?

Pioneers Youth Leadership is a new non-profit dedicated to developing today's student leaders and tomorrow's community leaders. We offer a year-long leadership program to students in rural counties in the State of Texas. We began in Real County, Texas with a group of 24 students this year from each school in the county. In May those 24 students will graduate from the program as Pioneers Alumni.

In the program the students participated in a Leadership Camp, College & Financial Aid Advising Seminar, Texas Leadership Forum in Austin, and a Career and Professional Development program. The students also developed a Community Project and began a mentoring program in their schools.

Due to the program's success, additional rural counties in the State are interested in having the program for their students. Therefore, Pioneers Youth Leadership, Inc was started.

We are developing today's student leaders and tomorrow's community leaders by inspiring students in our communities to develop as leaders and make an impact on their community. Through this journey they will not only make an impact in their home community, but in each community that they live in or travel to. We believe that investing in the youth of this generation will make the changes we need for the future.

So far in our endeavors, fundraising has been the most challenging hurdle. We would be grateful for any input that might get us going in the right direction for fundraising.

For more information about our organization please visit - http://pioneersyouthleadership.org/


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    Apr 23 2013: Provide a product or service having both an intrinsic value and appeal to your target public segment for a reasonable price.
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      Apr 23 2013: Edward,

      Great contribution and we completely agree. We are in the process of developing a product in which we hope to launch as a kickstarter in the next month.

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