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President, Student Representative Council of UOWD, University of Wollongong in Dubai


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Universities that pride themselves on developing future global leaders are actually failing in this regard. Do you agree or disagree?

It seems like the curriculum that various higher colleges of learning are using to prepare future leaders lack the relevant framework and competences to develop global leaders in the face of globalization.


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  • Apr 27 2013: Children need the chance to speak up and out. People as a whole do not like to have what they say challenged, especially teachers that believe teaching is more of a calling and according to the media, one of sacrifice for children, in so many cases.

    The system pits the pride of the teachers against the children and the system.
    If children are not allowed and encouraged to speak up and out, when will they have the chance? Do you think college professors will allow these young whippersnapper to challenge them and make them look ignorant or unknowing in their domain? How about the workplace, do you think the boss is going to give them voice?

    Children need to have a voice or they lash out in many different ways or they go into their shell and just do as they are told, until they lash out or hurt themselves.

    Children need moderators, not teachers!!!
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      Apr 27 2013: Jim agree with you absolutely. Can you explain the lashing out part it seems interesting?
      • Apr 27 2013: Sure Mr. Abani.
        When the children are not allowed to speak up and out about the lessons we are being forced to learn, e feel as though we are locked in place, with no chance to distinguish ourselves, while all around us, society claims to want people that can and will distinguish themselves.

        In so doing, children, whether they realize it or not, lash out against each other. Some lash out at home and others in class. Those children are fighting against having no voice in school or in their lives. The children that don't, have resigned themselves to subservient lives in general, to be dominated in most cases, by the schoolyard bullies, sexual predators and deviants.
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          Apr 27 2013: Mr Ryan,
          You seem to have a first hand experience of what you speak about. Is there a place where you a detailed study of this idea of yours is documented and available for others to access?
      • Apr 27 2013: Mr. Abani, I have lived the fighting side and fought against the bullies of weaker children. I learned justice from my mother and the truths she was forced to deal with, in an unjust society. She would tell us--her children, even when I'm wrong, I'm right, because life is not fair.

        Psychology is my favorite study, but because I don't have the Sheepskin, society has no place for me. In my line of work, I have become an animal psychologist. I have the most informative labs in the world.

        The teachers pet is one of my peeves, it sets the teachers pet against all the other children and vice versa. How can such ignorance go on everyday, actually hurting children.

        Your interest and questions help me to remember and even come to new thinking Mr.Abani.

        Thank you sir,
        Jim Ryan

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