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Universities that pride themselves on developing future global leaders are actually failing in this regard. Do you agree or disagree?

It seems like the curriculum that various higher colleges of learning are using to prepare future leaders lack the relevant framework and competences to develop global leaders in the face of globalization.


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  • Apr 24 2013: Just ask yourself, did school teach you to think for yourself and if so, do tell us how they did it and what they did, because so far, not one person in the world can do so. Schools teach cubicle smarts, they can't and don't teach critical thinking, problem solving or how to think in general, even though they profess to do so. Lying seems to be their best lesson and they have many believers, but almost none that can prove such.

    Just ask those that profess such to name one thing they have offered to the world, that no one else ever has.
    • Apr 24 2013: You can somewhat teach critical thinking skills by teaching logic. If people are taught logical fallacies and how to construct logical arguments then they will be better equipped to to identify faulty logic outside the classroom. One of the colleges I attended had an entire course dedicated to this subject as part of the general ed curriculum. Another part of teaching people how to think critically is teaching attention to detail, which can be taught in a variety of ways. The military does so quite well. I took a class at a votech when I was in high school. I was most definitely taught how to troubleshoot electronic circuits, which helped teach me how to solve problems. These things can be taught, even if you don't know how. Just because it doesn't happen everywhere doesn't mean its not possible.
      • Apr 24 2013: Thanks Brian, but the super majority that speak online don't seem to understand even logic and many claim to be college educated.

        There's only one way I know to see if what you were taught is true. I have a question for you, do you care to answer?
        I find that many people that make claims don't like challenges to their intelligence. You will know that saying something and proving it can be two different things, not that you would do that.

        I claim to be a critical thinker and problem solver. I love tests. If you wish to challenge me, I look forward to it.

        My question follows
        6 hours ago: Science as a whole claims that gravitational lensing is a reality. I know it to be bogus. Can you understand why? Just a cursory small read should easily tell all. I wonder how people can be so gullible, until I remember that schools only teach copy and paste.

        • Apr 25 2013: You're gonna have to work harder to bait me than that. I'm not a physicist so I'll leave that discussion for them. I never made any claims about myself, I'm just a guy trying to get through this crap sandwich called life, just like everyone else. But you CAN teach people to think critically. I do it with my daughter all the time. My point still stands, just because something may be uncommon or rare, that does not make it impossible.

          Speaking of critical thinking, that would be a logical fallacy. Small sample (it's even got a name! lol). Because you weren't taught critical thinking in school and aren't aware of any such occurances, you assume that your sampling of the education system is representative of the whole and are therefore concluding that it does not happen.

          Math is taught at schools, yet I'm quite sure if you toss Algebra questions at a random sample of high school grads a large number of them would get them wrong. Much in the same way that many adults who may have been taught how to think critically are not applying those lessons in real life. If you don't practice it, you'll forget.

          Also, thinking critically and high intelligence are two separate, though related, attributes.
      • Apr 25 2013: Brian, a camera can transport an image, after a picture is taken, but light alone cannot carry an image, unless you or science can prove such.
      • Apr 25 2013: Science like lawyers, have been hyped by the media to almost infalable in the public eye, when both are a sham, wanting to control our thoughts, actions and lives. They have both been corrupted to the core.

        If one small country were to throw off that yoke and their children taught how to think critically, that country would surpass all others in intelligence within 2 generations.
      • Apr 25 2013: I have the answer before you wrote this next post. I didn't say it was impossible, so why do you put words in my mouth? Anyone with a 6th grade education should know that light alone cannot carry an image, but, by your words and all of sciences acquiescence to such, it seems not.

        I assume nothing and I question everything. I've been reading and writing about science and many other things on boards just like this one since I got my first computer in 1996, with windows 95 on it. I have had to research most that I chose to speak too. The majority that challenge me claim to be college educated.
        • Apr 25 2013: "Schools teach cubicle smarts, they can't and don't teach critical thinking, problem solving or how to think in general"

          "I didn't say it was impossible"

          You must have a different definition of the word can't than I do.
      • Apr 27 2013: Show us your a critical thinker by answering the following Brian, as you claim to be taught logic in college and therefore you claim to be a critical thinker.
        Anyone that reads the light test done from the earth to the moon and back and that is a critical thinker, as you claim to be, will be able to show why those claims by science are wrong, what is it?

        Bait you? it was a very simple question, for a person that claims to be a critical thinker.
      • Apr 27 2013: I made up the phrase,--"cubicle smarts", see, your copy and paste schooling serves you well.
      • Apr 27 2013: Did you know that pride is a blight on the mind. It keeps people from not only asking the right questions,--very necessary for the critical thinker, but it stops questioning at all, for fear that the one being questioned may bring even more new thinking, making the prideful feel even more ignorant, instead of seeing questioning as the fastest way to learn.

        No wonder schools don't teach simple psychology from first grade, nor critical thinking skills, we can't have children challenging the teachers now can we.

        Teachers should be moderators!!!!

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