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President, Student Representative Council of UOWD, University of Wollongong in Dubai


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Universities that pride themselves on developing future global leaders are actually failing in this regard. Do you agree or disagree?

It seems like the curriculum that various higher colleges of learning are using to prepare future leaders lack the relevant framework and competences to develop global leaders in the face of globalization.


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    Apr 24 2013: I believe that really it comes down to teaching students how to be confident and take initiative. This learning should be taking place before they enter into college. I have seen that many students are just going through the system and not taking advantage of the opportunities provided to them at the university. At the same time I have found that faculty have not been pushing students or connecting them with resources that could drive them to the next level. Everyone has a passion, they need your help to find it. They will take the lead with your support and their own passion.
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      Apr 24 2013: I completely agree with you Kamren. You have the voice of truth and we need to give these students a sense of pride and empower them to take initiatives and start running with what they have.
      • Apr 25 2013: But if the educational design is not changed what they will be running with is a skill at short term memorization, not application. The knowledge does no good if it cannot be taught properly. I recently Graduated high school and have quickly become infuriated with how much was kept from me as far as knowledge but more over how ineffective the system was at actually preparing me for anything more than sitting for eight hours and following a bell when rang, which is down right atrocious and destroys any sense of individuality. The system is severely broken and needs to be fixed, and quite frankly I am very angry with the lack of conviction and haste in doing so. I am sick of watching idly as those currently in charge of the system of education become increasingly and disgustingly detached from the new generation and the brilliant aspects that we as a whole bring to the table. The new generation of people entering this broken system have the potential to soar to new heights simply because we grew up in the very start of the information boom of the 21st Century, we know how and where to find all of the information we could ever want to know, its at our finger tips in the form of smart phones and tablets, yet the current system does not recognize the sheer potential that technology has, but more over no one knows the right questions to ask because of the Gap between the current administrations and the new generations
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        Apr 25 2013: I agree so strongly with you, both Kamren and Fountain, that students need to develop a disposition of taking advantage of the opportunities that are offered to them. In particular they need to learn to engage meaningfully with their experiences rather than adopting an essentially passive demeanor and waiting for things to happen. Too many students do not understand this highly active component of learning.

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