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When capital punishment can be viewed as a valid punishment for crime?

At present,there are increasingly terrorist activities.Do you think the capital punishment is needed? And what kinds of criminals should be executed capital punishment?

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  • Apr 28 2013: Interesting question. Having lived in countries with + without capital punishment I do not necessarily see a difference on crime rates. You indicate above the increasing terrorist activities and perhaps linking this with capital punishment. I do not believe this would deter terrorists as they will then be seen as matryrs for their cause and will be happy to die in this manner. If anything, capital punishment may actually make the situation worse.

    My personal opinion is that before looking at the punishment, perhaps we need to look more at the root cause. The sad thing is that there is rich source of disgruntled and disaffected people who suddenly find that the extremists have the answers they seek. The extremists have the answers because those (e.g. govt, healthcare facilities, police) that are suppose to help/support no longer do so - everything from able to see a doctor to having a job, roof over their head, food in their belly. The offer of these things will persuade the downtrodden to at least listen. (NOTE: this is not reflecting any particular religion or organisation. I use extremists because this covers all denominations and activities). The extremist message is often a perversion of truths which is personalised to link the individuals experience to a focused target/enemy.

    Terrorism is a crime however history will always view this differently. Today's terrorist is tomorrow's freedom fighter. History is littered with this - every country's fight for independence will recount the liberators as nationalists but I am quite sure they could also be termed as terrorists at the time - depending on the side of the coin you sit.

    As for what kinds of criminals should be executed... my personal thought is that no person has the right to take another life. There are some atrocities - agreed but capital punishment is the quick way out. The victims suffer and so should they. I think removing some of the mod cons in prison might make the punishment more fitting.

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