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When capital punishment can be viewed as a valid punishment for crime?

At present,there are increasingly terrorist activities.Do you think the capital punishment is needed? And what kinds of criminals should be executed capital punishment?

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    Apr 24 2013: Generally the argument for and against capital punishment rests on several principals, such as the severity of the crime, how effectively it deters others from committing similar crimes, the legal systems ability to prove unquestionably the guilt of the suspect, and to a lesser extent the theology of a society (whether they believe the person will be punished in an afterlife etc).

    In regards to these topics most modern secular societies/individuals (myself included) reject capital punishment as an ineffective deterrent that is seen as an easy out for the criminal as he/she will not live with the guilt and lack of freedom for the rest of their life, while also potentially taking the life of an innocent person if wrongly accused.

    However in aid of a varied discussion on the subject and approaching the question from a different perspective, I propose the question, that in a world of overpopulation and chronic food, water, energy and space shortages associated with human consumption, is it/or should it be acceptable to keep someone alive who has committed such a terrible crime that society has decided they will never be rehabilitated and released. In these cases where incarceration is final, death may be seen as more humane as the individual will never be released and therefore has nothing to live for. It also may be morally preferable to deliver a lifetimes worth of food, water, heating, clean clothing, electricity, accommodation and other luxury’s that these prisoners would have delivered to them and paid for by the state, to those in society who are morally good but destitute.

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