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When capital punishment can be viewed as a valid punishment for crime?

At present,there are increasingly terrorist activities.Do you think the capital punishment is needed? And what kinds of criminals should be executed capital punishment?

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  • Apr 24 2013: Capital punishment exists in an ancient way of reasoning that our global community has been steadily progressing away from for centuries. Why, in our justice system (of the west) do we not sever the hand of a thief, castrate a rapist, stone the unfaithful or any number of other punishments that can be imagined by the human mind. Is it our morals? Is it our religion? Is it the doubt in us and our abilities? Is it the uncertainty in the justice system?
    In my view, it’s the disassociation between the community and the justice system that poses the greatest problem. It’s the textbooks filled with page after page of loopholes and legal jargon that make it nearly impossible for the layman to navigate. The exact same crime can be tried by two different judges in two different courts with the same exact evidence and because of a minor loophole one of the two may walk, the other may face life in prison or even death. This in my view shows the injustice in the law and the inequality amongst each other. The scales of justice are imbalanced, causing me to believe that no person, no matter the heinousness of the crime should be killed. It’s almost like the death penalty endorses sweeping the problem under the rug to forget about our hurt and pain. We should learn from these people, understand the how and the why because only then can we make the changes that actually matter.

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