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India and Pakistan trouble relation

I’m in 12 grade, last week I was given an assignment to research about India and Pakistan and talk about India trouble relation. I got some really good informations from the internet but I also want to hear from people. If you know anything please feel free to share.
thank you :)

Ever since the partition of the sub-continent in 1947, when Britain dismantled its Indian empire, India and Pakistan have been arch rivals.

The animosity has its roots in religion and history, and is epitomised by the long-running conflict over the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This has recently escalated into a dangerous.

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    Apr 23 2013: Before 1947, undivided India was ruled by British Empire. Then India had a large population of Muslims along with majority Hindus. Muslim leadership became insecure for their own role in free India and also the status of Muslims In undivided India.
    Animosity between Hindus and Muslims had its roots in religeon and history. But many in this subcontinent believe that British exploited this animosity and insecurity of Muslim leadership to divide India before leaving it.Mahatma Gandhi was absolutely against partition but he was rendered powerless by aspirations and thinking of the then muslim as well as hindu Congrees leadership, he never celebrated Independence of India and wanted to visit Pakistan to heal the wounds, for that he was killed by a Hindu fanatic.India still has a large muslim population. It is in the intrest of muslims ,hindus India , Pakistan and rest of the world to end this animosity and let the peace prevail.
  • Apr 22 2013: Hi Ruben, if you haven't please look at WIkipedia's article on India - Pakistan relation:

    There is also an article on India-Pakistan conflicts:

    good luck. cheers
  • Apr 22 2013: Good work Ruben - Me - I'm 63, and I thought Jena who had been a congressman had good reasons for the creation of Pakistan. Maybe as a Christian and a Texan I should be quiet, but in India everyone seems to sort of get along. Some of Jena's descendants made big fortunes in banking in India. Look at poor Pakistan which split in two and had Muslims acting badly to other Muslims. Think of the cost of all this conflict. It seems to me that all would be better off in one real demacracy. They haven't had a war in awhile so maybe things are improving. As I say it's foreign countries so I wish them all the best.
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      Apr 23 2013: I agree with your observation. you are echoing the thoughts and dream of the great man Mahatma Gandhi.
      Undivided India would have been a force to reckon with, by now.