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What do you think about the tragedies that occured this week?

It is morally correct to feel sympathy, or other emotions, when hearing about tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing and China's earthquake. But forget morale and what the society thinks, what thoughts do you think when something like this happens?

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    Apr 22 2013: Jaehyun, If I replied on this now I would only be able to say what the media has told me .... and I have little faith in that. This will be beat up a hundred ways and MAYBE one of them will be correct.

    My thoughts are from the sublime to the ridiculous ... politics ... failed diplomacy ... terrorists ... sensless killing ... ruined lives ... etc ..

    It is beyond my ken to either understand or accept ... I have emotions like everyone else ... but I will attempt to withhold judgement until I have all of the available facts ... and hope that even then I can be fair.

    The real shame here is that this will become a political tool.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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    Apr 22 2013: Well I think it comes down to how the information is delivered, seeing as media is an extremely influential channel of information. Over the past week, there has been much emphasis on the Boston bombings which is of course, very tragic. However this is only because of the information distributed by the media. Every day we have thousands of people who are dying. Cancer, suicide, disease... many have incredible stories and lives, but they will go unseen, because nobody is there to publish their stories.
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    Apr 22 2013: "There is nothing new under the sun". Things of this sort happen everyday in this vast planet of ours.
    Its just that not all people/nations get this sort of global publicity in their time of need.

    It is what it is; there is evil in the world. And there is so much good too.
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    Apr 23 2013: This happened on the streets I frequent growing up. My oldest children was near the finish line. She was in locked down and called sharing the site of a swat team walking down her street. My other child met the young brother a few times on the campus of UMass Dartmouth. close to home? yes. I swear I did not take a full breath for days and surely God's ears are aching from all the prayers and agonizing tears for the death and maiming of innocent lives.

    As news was released about these two young men, the video, pictures and a bit more details about their lives, among my reactions of tears, rage, fear , my thoughts went to the perpetrators and I looked through the eyes of a mother,a parent.

    How in the world can the parents of these two young men move thousands of miles away leaving them do fend on their own with no support of even family? How can a parent leave a young teenager in the care of a not much older sibling who takes on the roll of parent? The older brother....well like everyone I have my thoughts as to his motivation. The 19 year old, this child's brain is a work in progress. judgement, reasoning, impulse control, etc.. not there yet. I would venture to guess this 19 year old wishes he was successful taking his own life for when his brother died, reality of his actions came to fruition. The hours hiding in that boat had to be horrific both physically and emotionally.

    How many of these young adults around the globe are sucked into these horrific acts of violence for they are such easy prey? How is the stopped? I don't know the answer, I don't know. I do know the message we sent to the world in search of them was......... we do not kill our own, not one, not a single one.

    China Jaehyun..... my heart cries for this lose of life, truly.
    • Apr 23 2013: Thank you for the reply! It is obvious that you truly care for the people that were affected by these tragedies. I envy your sympathy for others and it is good to know that there are many good people in this world.
      God bless,
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    Apr 22 2013: Besides the normal emotions/feelings, I did have a few outside the box thoughts.

    Thank god people get dumb when they decide to comment mass murder/terror, and thus reducing the number of their victims and increasing the chances of them being stopped before they act.

    Unlike airline hijackings that are now rare because the world no longer pays/rewards they demands, the media is feeding terrorism with its exaggerated coverage.

    I increasing do not trust the media and governments to tell the truth, both let their own agenda twist the facts and even knowingly give false information.

    In addition to countries having armed-forces, they should have disaster-responding-forces of equal size with equipment design solely for them. (Think several USNS Mercy aircraft carriers with C-130s loaded with food aid and temporary shelters, and also search and rescue helicopters.
  • Apr 22 2013: For Boston Marathon bombing,I asked myself the first question:what is wrong with america's education.and next question:what caused that by america society?
    For China's earthquake:everyday when I browse the newest reports from internet,I couldn't help tearing,meanwhile I feel lucky to live a safe place.But later I feel life is so fragile,so short...then I feel extremely content with what i have now once again.
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      Apr 22 2013: The elder brother accused of the bombings arrived in the US at age 16 or 17. In the US, the pre-college school system ends at age 18, so he spent at most a couple of years in it.. The Wall Street Journal say he went to a prestigious private school. The younger brother also went to the private high school rather than to the always maligned public educational system. It seems something of a stretch to suggest that this event can be blamed on "America's educational system" - unless you mean that the majority of marathon runners in the race, families cheering them on, safety personnel, and emergency teams were likely educated in the US.
    • Apr 22 2013: I agree with Fritzie. The reality is much more complicated.

      I think the following contributed to the tragedy:
      - on the Internet young people can easily get "inspired" and learn how to stage attacks
      - some people are psychopaths and they do not behave and think in the same way we do
      - integration to a society that is radically different from your culture is difficult
      - violent games and movies make young people less sensitive to violence?
      - access to guns is not enough regulated
      • Apr 23 2013: Hi Dear Zdenek Smith,I have different ideas about 'some people are psychopaths'?are they born so?of course not,as much as we have those 'you are you,I am I' ideas,we will not avoid to see more tragedies what we don't want to see.If our education can really do'we are connected,we are one world,one home',we won't worry about it anymore.
        I keep thinking'what education it really means',it concerns all a lot:politics,humanity,science...every individual,a group,a society...we all are connected together for better education to move on in our lives,the spirits is what we needed the most...
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    May 5 2013: Every day something like 300-400 thousand people die, probably several thousand of them under very painful or violent circumstances. I just don't have the emotive resources to expend on empathy with them all. Perhaps a true news service ought to print the names and histories of all these thousands daily, so we could choose a few to weep over. Or should I read the newspaper and empathize with the couple of cases of violent death that the editor has selected for that day? Then how about all those who will miss my empathy?

    The same day that 3 were killed in Boston, 30-some were murdered in the U.S., while some dozens were killed by bombs in Iraq and Syria. We never even heard their names. And that was OK, because I just can't make their horror my horror. It doesn't serve me, them, or any other purpose.

    Let me ask your question back to you, about all those murdered every day in our own country (U.S.) - amounting to 11-12 thousand every year: "what thoughts do you think when something like this happens?" Do you weep over them, or only over the few that are highlighted in the news, like the three in Boston?
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    May 1 2013: I feel sad for the people physically hurt. I hate physical pain and limitation, so it really upsets me to hear about people wounded, maimed, killed.
  • Apr 24 2013: Hi.
    I no longer believe anything, any authority in America (and even elsewhere), tells the public.
    They have been caught lying for too long, too many times and over too many things.
    To believe is to betray myself. To believe one word of theirs is to lie to myself.
    (this also applies to you)
    I don't believe any of it.
    There is a hidden agenda behind it and action needs to be taken immediately by the people.
    Fuck proof. They never provide any and as george w said, "we cannot wait for the final proof."

    However, we did get the final proof. There were no WMD's and just like this incidence, OBL is dead,
    no one saw any body, certainly not the public, and here, one is dead and the other dying with a media frenzy already naming him guilty.
    All without real proof. They can protect,. Oh, but now they can't. Yes we can. No we can't. Give us more of your freedoms and we can protect you.
    Yeah, Right.
  • Apr 23 2013: My first thought, what a poorly executed attack. Second, thought why the Boston Marathon on this particular day? Third thought: so many bombs so few fatalities. Fourth thought the only folks that stand to gain from this are Americans with agendas. Chechnya, really? They've been at war with Russia for years now why target a potential ally? And how many radicals go to their senior proms, craft achievable futures that can have a greater positive impact on their cause than any war all so they can blow up an event that barely rates national coverage? Those young men are proxies at best and I shudder to think that they would be patsies. This stinks to high heaven and everyone with a finger to point stands to gain a lot from this crime. I never thought I ‘d say this but I hope its Al Qaida, the alternative is just too chilling.
  • Apr 22 2013: For me, the Boston tragedy highlights a few opportunities and problems in our society.

    It is good to see how well community can collaborate in providing information and evidence to authorities. In today's age of pervasive communication and video coverage, dangerous individuals are easier to locate and deal with.

    Unfortunately some politicians are using tragedy like this to vote for laws that increase surveillance and impose further restrictions on our rights and freedoms. This is a dangerous trend that can lead to a policy state.

    As usually, some people talk about conspiracy theory claiming that government stage those attacks and spread misinformation.

    Hopefully the government put in place laws we do need such as gun control. We also should educate young people with subjects on ethics, morality, empathy democracy and human rights.
  • Apr 22 2013: Bad things happen to good people. In Boston only about four people were killed by the two bad guys so it could have been worse. Gee Jaehyun, you live in Mass. - Maybe if you are a potential juror, you shouldn't be asking about this. Everyone deserves a fair trial. Remember one of your greatest heroes should be John Adams who represented the British soldiers of Boston Massacre fame.