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What do you think about the tragedies that occured this week?

It is morally correct to feel sympathy, or other emotions, when hearing about tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing and China's earthquake. But forget morale and what the society thinks, what thoughts do you think when something like this happens?


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  • Apr 24 2013: Hi.
    I no longer believe anything, any authority in America (and even elsewhere), tells the public.
    They have been caught lying for too long, too many times and over too many things.
    To believe is to betray myself. To believe one word of theirs is to lie to myself.
    (this also applies to you)
    I don't believe any of it.
    There is a hidden agenda behind it and action needs to be taken immediately by the people.
    Fuck proof. They never provide any and as george w said, "we cannot wait for the final proof."

    However, we did get the final proof. There were no WMD's and just like this incidence, OBL is dead,
    no one saw any body, certainly not the public, and here, one is dead and the other dying with a media frenzy already naming him guilty.
    All without real proof. They can protect,. Oh, but now they can't. Yes we can. No we can't. Give us more of your freedoms and we can protect you.
    Yeah, Right.

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