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What do you think about the tragedies that occured this week?

It is morally correct to feel sympathy, or other emotions, when hearing about tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing and China's earthquake. But forget morale and what the society thinks, what thoughts do you think when something like this happens?


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    Apr 23 2013: This happened on the streets I frequent growing up. My oldest children was near the finish line. She was in locked down and called sharing the site of a swat team walking down her street. My other child met the young brother a few times on the campus of UMass Dartmouth. close to home? yes. I swear I did not take a full breath for days and surely God's ears are aching from all the prayers and agonizing tears for the death and maiming of innocent lives.

    As news was released about these two young men, the video, pictures and a bit more details about their lives, among my reactions of tears, rage, fear , my thoughts went to the perpetrators and I looked through the eyes of a mother,a parent.

    How in the world can the parents of these two young men move thousands of miles away leaving them do fend on their own with no support of even family? How can a parent leave a young teenager in the care of a not much older sibling who takes on the roll of parent? The older brother....well like everyone I have my thoughts as to his motivation. The 19 year old, this child's brain is a work in progress. judgement, reasoning, impulse control, etc.. not there yet. I would venture to guess this 19 year old wishes he was successful taking his own life for when his brother died, reality of his actions came to fruition. The hours hiding in that boat had to be horrific both physically and emotionally.

    How many of these young adults around the globe are sucked into these horrific acts of violence for they are such easy prey? How is the stopped? I don't know the answer, I don't know. I do know the message we sent to the world in search of them was......... we do not kill our own, not one, not a single one.

    China Jaehyun..... my heart cries for this lose of life, truly.
    • Apr 23 2013: Thank you for the reply! It is obvious that you truly care for the people that were affected by these tragedies. I envy your sympathy for others and it is good to know that there are many good people in this world.
      God bless,

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