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What do you think about the tragedies that occured this week?

It is morally correct to feel sympathy, or other emotions, when hearing about tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing and China's earthquake. But forget morale and what the society thinks, what thoughts do you think when something like this happens?


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  • Apr 22 2013: For me, the Boston tragedy highlights a few opportunities and problems in our society.

    It is good to see how well community can collaborate in providing information and evidence to authorities. In today's age of pervasive communication and video coverage, dangerous individuals are easier to locate and deal with.

    Unfortunately some politicians are using tragedy like this to vote for laws that increase surveillance and impose further restrictions on our rights and freedoms. This is a dangerous trend that can lead to a policy state.

    As usually, some people talk about conspiracy theory claiming that government stage those attacks and spread misinformation.

    Hopefully the government put in place laws we do need such as gun control. We also should educate young people with subjects on ethics, morality, empathy democracy and human rights.

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